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Derrick Belanger

The Walking Dead's new spinoff takes place in the early days of the zombie apocalypse in Los Angeles, CA. In a recent article on this site (read here), one author takes a couple fun ways how the apocalypse might start, but I have a few concerns with whole idea of "why?"

I'd rather not know "why." That's where a lot of Zombie-genres go wrong for me, because it gets into "why" and not the characters or the story. The plot becomes about the virus, and I personality hate that. Its where shows like Z Nation and 28 Days/Weeks Later fall apart for me. I want to watch the show, but The Walking Dead is so appealing because we don't know anything about the virus, other than we all carry it. I hope when they say their delving into the early days of the apocalypse, it would just be a few zombies at a time coupled with mass confusion.

Plus it would kind of throw off the first season of the Walking Dead for me, because they went to the CDC, and Dr. Jenner said they didn't know why or how, and that the French or Japanese were the last known places who were still working on a possible cure when everything went down.

Pint being, for me, that it shouldn't be about "why" and it should stay about "people are rising from the dead, now run/survive!"


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