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I'm actually very shy and awkward...

Veron is slowly taking the world of cosplay and professional modeling by storm. Working out of West Palm Beach, Florida, this young woman brings a subtle vivaciousness and energy to her performance that catches the eye and stops the breath.
The self-proclaimed geek and cartoon
aficionado took time out her schedule to chat with us and share some insight into what make Veron Veron.

Comic Book Illuminati:
What's been your best cosplay moment so far?

A lot of cosplay moments are good, it's hard to choose just one! I love meeting other cosplayers, and getting together in groups. I love nerding out about other cosplayers that do amazing justice to my favorite characters. One of my most recent "best cosplay moments" was at Animate! Miami. I was dressed as Triana Orpheus from Venture Brothers, and my friend Envy Us was dressed as Dean Venture. The voice actor for Dean Venture, Michael Sinterniklaas, was a featured guest at the con. He saw our costumes and geeked out, we geeked out that Dean Venture appreciated our cosplays and we all nerded out together and took silly group photos.

Comic Book Illuminati:
Have you been approached by film makers?

I have, however, acting is not really something I think I would excel in. I'm actually very shy and awkward around cameras outside of photo shoots.

Comic Book Illuminati:
Have you ever been recognized out of "uniform"?

Yes, once! I was at the renaissance faire, and to be fair - I was in a sort of fantasy themed costume, but not one I had ever worn to a con or shot before (it was one I had just thrown together for fun). It was amazing to me that someone had recognized little me "in the wild" haha.

Comic Book Illuminati:
What's your best personal nerdgasm?

It's hard, again, to choose a "best" moment. I've had a lot of nerdgasmic moments. I'd have to say, meeting Neil Gaiman and then Gail Simone (separate occasions, over several years, not all at once! My heart!) were two of the best moments. It's amazing to meet anyone that has inspired or influenced you in some way.

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