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...I look very different in costume.
-Harley's Love Shack

Bubbly and energetic are just the start of Harley's Love Shack. This young
entrepreneur is slowly working her way into our hearts. Barely pausing to breathe you can't help but get the impression that there are a million things to do, and she's going to successfully do every one of them.

Comic Book Illuminati:
What's been your best cosplay moment so far?

Harley's Love Shack:
My best cosplay moment is when I was a part of a Sailor Moon photo shoot cause we had everyone! All the Scouts, Tuxedo Mask, Queen Beryl, and Queen Serenity.

Comic Book Illuminati:
Have you been approached by filmmakers?

Harley's Love Shack:
I've only been approached by two indie filmmakers: Once to play Harley and the other time for Hack N Slash.

Comic Book Illuminati:
Have you ever been recognized out of "uniform"?

Harley's Love Shack:
I'm not very recognizable. I think its cause I look very different in costume.

Comic Book Illuminati:
What's your best personal nerdgasm?

Harley's Love Shack:
Meeting the voice actor for Sailor moon.

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