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I am a life long comic book and movie fan. Have spent most of the last decade of my life in a wheelchair passing time reading comics and wat
Ralph Vigarino Jr

We have all watched a movie or saga where we wish our world exist in. Or we have read a book or comic and wish that Spider-man or Superman flyby our windows as a kid. We wish we lived in Middle Earth with Frodo and Gandolf the Grey or in the far future if the Federation and Captain Kirk.

But thoughts of living in these fictional worlds never really took shape in our minds until one movie in 1977 started off our dreams with a simple opening splash that came across the screen, in simple blue letters that changed it all.

Then a Punch to the face and blam, Star Wars started. After a 30 second word scrawl that hankered back to the Saturday morning serials of Flash Gordon, we see an all important space battle take shape with a scene of a huge Star Destroyer chasing down a ship and at that point Imagination became a little part of reality.

After the opening battle we are left in what can only be described as the wild west of space on Tatooine. Who would know it would be the center of this particular story in the part of the Star Wars we have seen. This is when your preconceived notion of futuristic, clean cut, scifi adventure was shatter and now you were watching a gritty Western/War movie.

After those two hours in 1977, the whole world of imagination changed and we all believed we could go to the Death Star and fly an X-wing at Yavin4. This set the imagination stage for all movies to come.

Then over the next thirty years we have had added five more movies, several TV cartoons, thousands of comic books and novels and a long forgotten Christmas Special that may or may not still exist (at least it gave us a Boba Fett cartoon in it). All of this has led to one of the greatest, diverse, story rich fictional universes that any one would want to be in.


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