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After my previous VS article, I believe that it is time for another one. This time, it is a battle of awesomeness between Thor and Captain Marvel (otherwise known as Shazam).

Here's how this will work: Each aspect of the two characters will be observed and I will assign one point to whichever character I believe wins in that aspect (this is an opinionated article, just to be clear). The aspects/details that each character will be judged by are:

  • Combat
  • Emotional Backstory
  • Contribution to Society
  • Costume (I believe that costume design is worth judging over)
  • First Appearance (this aspect will only receive half of a point, since the two characters aren't exactly copies of each other)

Also, below each summary and point designation, there will be a poll so that you all can decide who the point should really go to. After all, the verdict is just my opinion.

Are you ready? Let the battle of who's the best... begin!

#1 — Combat

Just... awesome!
Just... awesome!

The first aspect of the two to look at is their combat abilities. While looking at this, let's observe what they have in common: both of them are invulnerable (Thor due to Asgardian physiology, and Captain Marvel due to the Stamina of Atlas), they both summon lightning in some way, and they both have superspeed, super strength, super healing, and enhanced intellect. They have other powers in common, but they don't have much to do with combat.

Who will win?
Who will win?

Here's where their differences come into play. While Captain Marvel is strong enough to lift whole continents, Thor is strong enough to lift the Midgard serpent, which is large enough to wrap itself around the whole Earth and squeeze it until it's destroyed. Another difference is their healing factors: If Thor's wrists are broken, they will heal in a few hours, and it is said that Captain Marvel can summon lightning to heal himself instantly.

Each character has only one real weakness: Thor can be affected by Warrior's Madness (which could cause him to do something that will get himself killed). As for Captain Marvel, if enough electricity is used against him, he will turn back into a boy (which is who he actually is), and as a boy, he can be killed very easily.

Because Thor can summon enough lightning to reverse Captain Marvel's powers, and because of his super strength, I give the combat point to Thor.


Who do you think would win in combat?

#2 — Emotional Backgrounds

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Another important aspect of the two characters is their emotional back stories, since it shows whether the character is worth caring about or not.

Thor Odinson was born in Midgard (Earth) and grew up in Asgard as a prince and son to Odin. What makes his back story emotional is that Thor discovers that his mother, Odin's wife, was not his birth mother, which shows that he was believing a lie about his mother. Also, his love for Jane Foster is forbidden by Odin, which means that he cannot be truly happy. There was the story about Thor being banished to Earth and is memory being erased to teach him humility. All of this shows that Thor has a history of sad events.

Billy Batson's (Captain Marvel's) parents were killed by Black Adam, which meant that Billy never grew up with good parents (including in the New 52, where he was sent through foster homes). There was also the event where he had to break up with Stargirl because it looked strange to see a teenage girl dating a fully-grown man (when Billy is in Captain marvel form). Plus, when his parents were killed, Billy was sent to live with hi uncle, who later kicked him out of the house and stole Billy's inheritance. This shows that Captain Marvel isn't a rose garden either.

It's tough to choose between the two. In my opinion, the character who had it worse would be Captain Marvel. Although Thor has a father who disproves of Jane Foster as Thor's love interest, at least Thor has a father who can be there for him: both of Billy's (Captain Marvel's) parents were killed, while he was still a kid. He had (and still has) no real motherly or fatherly role-models, nor the kind of love he would receive from them; not to mention that his uncle wasn't too great either. He had nothing, which (in my opinion) shows that he deserves the point.


Who has a more emotional background?

#3 — Contribution to Mankind (or Asgardian-kind)

I would bow if I were you.
I would bow if I were you.

A hero is more than the fighting he does. He's a symbol, a figure who represents more than just fighting villains and ending crime with a swift punch to the face. A true mark of a hero is how they change the world outside the mask... or hood... or cape... or whatever distinguishes a superhero.

There isn't much argument between who does more for the world in their true identities. Thor is the Prince of Asgard, awaiting his time to become king. As king, you rule your people, which is a big task and contribution to the world. Even as just a prince, you still serve a role in helping people and carrying out duties. Billy Batson (Captain Marvel) doesn't do much for the world as a boy; although he works at a local radio station as the youngest newscaster. Based on these facts, (at least in my opinion,) Thor receives the point.


Who does more good for the world (outside of crime-fighting)?

#4 — Costume

A costume is how we identify a superhero. It's a symbol. That's why I believe that the costume is important in deciding who is a better superhero. The following costumes are their signature appearances (even if it's not their first costume or their current one):

Little bit of thunder... little bit of lightning!
Little bit of thunder... little bit of lightning!

Thor's outfit represents his royalty and the culture of Asgard. It is also the armor that he wears 'into battle, making it useful for any occasion.

Captain Marvel — "BIG" all over again.
Captain Marvel — "BIG" all over again.

Captain Marvel's costume has a color-scheme that brings its own representation of lightning. Also, it has a cape, which displays that power (and pure awesome) of the figures from which Captain Marvel's powers come from.

And now the verdict: For the sake of being more practical (and in my opinion, more awesome), I give the point to Thor.


What do you think? Who has a better costume?

#5 — First Appearance

Because throwing a car into a wall is normal.
Because throwing a car into a wall is normal.

Since these two heroes wield the power of lightning, it is important to see who came first. Thor first appeared in "Journey in Mystery" in August, 1962 (although he technically existed for at least a thousand years before then), while Captain Marvel first appeared in Whiz Comics in February, 1940. Thus, the point is given to Captain Marvel.

The Result:

The winner between the two tazers is:

With the standings at 3:2, Thor is the winner. Thus, in my opinion, Thor is the better superhero (even though I like Captain Marvel's story better).


Who do you think is the REAL winner?


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