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With the news of actress Julie delphy been reported that she is one of the actress that attended in the premiere and one of the list cast members. with disney refuse to give the information the actress role, fans been wondering which character might this actress be playing. but in the other hand, it is also confirmed that she is in the MOVIE!!!

could Julie be captain marvel?!
could Julie be captain marvel?!

fans had been speculating that she might be Captain Marvel who might be one of the surprise character in the movie. But to me personally, i don't think that she fit for the role of Captain Marvel. I mean, she is a great actress with great performance in the " before " romantic trilogy, But to be THE CAPTAIN MARVEL, i just doubt it. But for sure is, this is Marvel, anything they do, it will done right.

But there's a theory of mine that speculated on her being the Asgardian witch, and that is none other than THE ENCHANTRESS!!!

So good!!!
So good!!!

that could be it right?! I mean, she really could handle The enchantress, her hair is blonde and she also got that naughty look on her. We've seen a lot of Asgardian in the trailer, right? so maybe the enchantress could be introduced in the avengers sequel to prepare for the Thor: ragnarok movie.

So guys tell me what you think on the comment below!

Avengers: Age of ultron opens may 1st 2015.


which character do you think that Julie Delphy will be playing for?


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