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I was, honestly, I wasn't being sarcastic. Actually, there is not a lot to say because it goes exactly like the animated movie, and I was glad about it, because I have no interest in seeing new takes on this kind of movies, I mean, what are you going to do? My friend disagrees with me, but he is more open minded and he accepts new things easily, I'm a little bit more conservative. For instance, he was happy to see the new takes on Snow White and Maleficient, I was not.

When I was a little girl I used to fantasize about how fairy tales would look like in real life, and even though the prince charming of my imagination looks more like Henry Cavill and less like Richard Madden, I was happy to see the characters close to what Disney first told me it looked like. Speaking of fantasies, I was very disappointed when they did Hook with Robin Williams as Peter Pan (ugh, he was very lovable and had that air of forever young, but please), and then, they decided to ruin it a second time in 2003 by casting that kid that didn't look at all like the Peter Pan of my dreams. I hate when they ruin my fantasies. I don't have high expectations about the new one (even though Hugh Jackman as Blackbeard look, as they say, super hot) because 1. it's a prequel and 2. the casting is not entirely convincing. I just want to see the Peter Pan Disney draw for me in 1953.

Now, let's keep talking about Cinderella. Don't you think Scarlett Johansson would have been a better suit for this movie? The picture of the cover (see above) was made by Annie Leibovitz for the Disney parks, as a series called "The Year of a Million Dreams" and it is absolutely brilliant; they made the right choice for each and every single one of the characters. Miss Leibovitz also shoot the official poster for this movie.

The shoe. Who on earth designed that shoe? I remember the first trailer I saw for this movie, it was just the shoe moving around, and I'm sure I was not the only one thinking that can't possibly be comfortable! Apparently everybody was aware of this fact, as the fairy godmother said that it looks uncomfortable but it's not; later Cinderella repeats this to her mouse friends when she puts them inside the shoe. It's not even a pretty shoe! They had money to hire Annie Leibovitz to shoot a poster, but not to hire a decent shoe designer?

FFS, Disney. Worst shoe in the history or worst shoes.
FFS, Disney. Worst shoe in the history or worst shoes.

I know in this time and age it is almost unacceptable to dream of fairy tales, because we don't need a man to rescue us, we women are powerful and all that. If you pay attention to the movie you will see that Cinderella didn't want the prince charming to rescue her; all she wanted was a new dress and a night out, and maybe see her new friend, the "apprentice" she met in the woods. And what is wrong with wanting to meet someone and fall in love? Ah? There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. I love men, I don't understand them, but I love them, and I still dream with finding my prince charming, and I am a 36 years old, strong, independent, busy woman. Go on girls, you don't need a man to fix your life, you want a man to have fun together and to love and be loved. Being in love, or wanting love won't make you weak, so it bothers me when I read reviews by bitter old men saying that she's "bloodless, submissive and desperately in need of Prince Charming", well, mister, she isn't, you are missing the point and you probably cry yourself to sleep because your life has lost all of its magic. Also, let's note, Cinderella was being abused by her stepmother and her stepsisters, and she didn't even had time to mourn the death of her father, of course she was submissive. Abuse tend to do that.

I'm not saying the movie was great, because it wasn't, it was traditional, there were exactly 0 surprises, and I am glad because like I said, sometimes there is no need to reinvent the wheel, but go see it, if you must, with an open mind, as if you were taking your 6 year old self to the movies.

This movie falls into the category "We just wanted to make a movie".


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