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Acclaimed author Janet Arlotta, a semi-finalist in Final Draft’s Big Break Screenwriting Contest, will write and produce the romantic comedy Going Due South.

Following in the footsteps of fellow comedy Super Troopers 2, the romantic comedy, set to shoot in New Orleans later this year, has kicked off a crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo.

The movie, about an up-and-coming reality TV producer who ravels to the Big Easy to shoot her latest series and finds New Orleans and one of it's locals too intoxicating to ignore, is the brainchild of an award-winning writer and filmmaker who wanted to write a film about love but also one of America's greatest cities.

We spoke exclusively to Arlotta, who is in talks with several big names about joining the production, about the film.

Why do you think so many filmmakers are choosing Indiegogo these days to help fund their features?
Crowdfunding gives independent filmmakers the opportunity to raise necessary funds outside of traditional avenues. It allows us to engage an audience and build a fan base before we even start shooting.

Why not Kickstarter though? Is there a difference?
Indiegogo is a bit more flexible and offers several scenarios that were more appealing to our needs.
1. You can choose an option to receive funds raised even if you do not reach your goal.
2. You can partner with a non-profit to give back to the community and offer your contributors a charitable tax deduction. This was particularly important to us. We’ve added an additional charitable incentive: we partnered with Seeds to give 2% of all funds raised to their worthy cause. Through their efforts they teach children and the community about sustainability, organic gardening and environmental stewardship.

Janet Arlotta, writer and producer
Janet Arlotta, writer and producer

Those that have invested so far.. what do you think appealed to them about the project?
I think that people genuinely want to take part in the making of a film. It gives them a sense of pride to know that they had contributed to its success when it releases. I think in the case of Going Due South, there is also a satisfaction in helping us achieve our dreams.

Is this a traditional romantic comedy… or something a little different?
Of course it’s a little different… but that’s in the secret sauce. Going Due South is a classic romantic comedy with the added bonus of the intoxicating backdrop of New Orleans. The characters are endearing and relatable, and ultimately the audience will fall in love with them, as much as I have.

How long have you been writing for? Is this your first film?
I’ve been writing for about 20 years. But I hit a creative overdrive last year when I wrote four feature screenplays in the span of six months. This is my first feature that I am producing, although I’ve produced countless commercials, promos and music videos through the years.

Where can people find out more about the movie?
Certainly the Indiegogo site has oodles of information about the film and is a great place for people to get involved. We’re asking for a push this weekend for 1000 people to give at least $1 to support this film.
There is also the movie’s website
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