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Oh yes,that's right. Do you remember the Teen Titans?

The one which seemed quite kiddish to people?
And also, the newly-ish released show, Teen Titans Go?

Yeah, well what you see as childish TV shows is now going to be transformed into a brand new, more serious, yet hopefully still humorous, TV Series!

The cast hasn't been decided yet, and there's so many people to choose from, so,why not make my own? Here is who i think should play each role in Titans.

Remember though, i WILL be constantly updating my cast,so none of my choices are absolutely solid yet.

Taissa Farmiga (Raven)

She has that dark,mysterious look, as you can tell from the picture, which perfectly displays Raven. If you've seen her on American Horror Story, then you know,shes perfect to play her,end of story. She resembles Raven's dark character really well, i mean, have you seen her act? Pretty dark, the perfect ingredient to make a perfect actress to play Raven. Seeing her in the DC universe,personally, i'd find it quite intriguing.

Karen Gillan (Starfire)

I honestly find her spectacular. She has made triumphant appearances in so many TV shows as films, such ad Doctor Who,Selfie and Guardians Of The Galaxy. Yes, she has made an appearance in the MCU,but honestly,her playing a secondary villain in GOTG shouldn't at all prevent this amazing actress from playing Starfire.There isn't anything wrong with her being in the DC universe, even though it is unlikely. Still,it's about time an actor working in both universes came along.

Milo Ventimiglia (Robin/Nightwing)

After playing Peter Petrolli on the TV show 'Heroes' which went down hill significantly after season 1, he is still able to shine throughout the whole TV show as he uncovers what he can do. Milo clearly shows he is able to lead,especially lead a superhero show like Titans, i can even imagine him right now.

I know this isn't a lot right now, but i WILL be constantly updating this.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments!


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