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For my first post, I wanna introduce myself. I am a 25-yr old aspiring writer. I watch way too much TV & am prone to unabashed rants. Kelso is not my real name and I swear worse than any sailor you could ever meet (though I will strive to rein it in for the more sensitive readers). A warning to the unsuspecting public: this blog is my outlet & I will unleash my full-on crazy love for the different shows, movies, and/or video games I am currently addicted to.

Such as: The Blacklist, The Walking Dead, The Hobbit Trilogy, Game of Thrones, Once Upon a Time, Archer, Dracula Untold, Bates Motel, Dragon Age, S.H.I.E.L.D., Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Doctor Who, Saints Row, Devious Maids, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Pretty Little Liars, & SO much more.

I also have an affinity for anything involving vampires. Can't get enough of them. (And no, I do not include the Twilight Saga in that category. Because, while I do love the books/movies, I could never get over the sparkle.) I've obsessed over True Blood (Team Bill Forever!), Moonlight, Dracula (hurry up w/ season 2, Netflix!), The Originals, and (until recently) The Vampire Diaries. I no longer subscribe to the TVD fandom because, 1) I'm a Stelena fan and, 2) it has become tediously redundant. In this last season I found it more and more difficult to give a crap about Elena anymore, & this all seemed to coincide nicely with the death of Katherine (who was always entertaining).

Back on topic, this is mainly a fair warning that there will probably be quite a bit of vampire ranting thrown in with everything else I write here. Also, Batman.

I have a deep love for movies that are widely considered to be outrageously f***ed up (see The Girl Next Door (2007); not the one with Elisha Cuthbert), or are SO bad that they're good (see Tank Girl (1995)). So be prepared for a lot of obscure '80s movie references.

I'm the girl who laughs when the chainsaw wielding maniac slaughters the cheerleader, or when the convertible leaves the parking garage in Skyline (2010). SPLAT!

I have a very dark and twisted sense of humor, so this may not be the place for you (or for anyone who likes the movie Frozen). This will probably lead to a lot of misconceptions, so I advise you to take this all into account when I claim that some scene from a movie/tv show is funny. After all, comedy is subjective to the individual.

This blog will be a place to discover, or revel in for those who have already discovered, random awesomeness. Nothing more. I will push no agenda or try to force my opinions on you (and try to remember that it is just one person's opinion). If you don't agree with anything written here, then I say "Whatever moves your furniture". That is my goal, and I will strive to tune in every week and let the crazy out.

You have been warned. Batman rules!


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