ByCarter Bosen, writer at

If i had the chance to travel to a fantasy world it would be the Harry Potter world. I have been reading the books since 2 grade and have read the series about 5 times. The world of Harry Potter has always made me want to travel to it after watching any of the movies or reading the books. Since they have opened the Harry Potter world theme park in Orlando Universal Studios theme park i have been there 6 times. This theme park make me feel like I'm in the movies. Things that i own of Harry Potter are the book series in mint condition, A journal with all of the House logos on the front, a gryffindor robe, the sorting hat, many posters of harry potter movies, and ties with all of the houses on them. When i was eleven i even waited for a letter in the mail to be called to go to Hogwarts. Even though I now realize that I can not really go to Hogwarts, i still wish that i could. That is why if I could go to any fantasy world it would be the World of Harry Potter.


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