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I saw Furious 7 the day it came out(Friday the 3rd) and needless to say, I was hyped. I'm one of those guys who will go see any action movie wether it looks incredibly stupid or not. So, Furious 7 was an obvious choice for me. So lets break down a list of pros and cons about the film:

Pros: The action gets crazy in this film. All action sequences are just crazy intense and keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end. The comedy is spot on as well. I went to see this movie with three of my friends and there were so many moments in the film where we were just laughing our butts off. Tyrese Gibson's character, Roman Pearce was the comedy relief of the film. Roman always has the best little one liners in the film and brings great comedy to the action packed sequences happening. There are a lot of pros to this movie so I'm not going to list them all so let's just head down to the cons.

Cons: Logic and Physics. The two downs to this film. While some may argue that the story was a con, you don't go to Fast and Furious movies to see stories like Shakespeare, you go to see car races and awesome action sequences. So first is the logic. Towards the end of the film there is a giant action sequence that takes place in the city of LA including missile launching helicopters and giant drones. How was LAX totally oblivious to all of this? No one really shows up for this big fight until like 30 mins later. If this was happening in real life, the entire military would've been there five minutes in. And the physics. There were moments where physics just didn't make sense. Like they're trying to save a girl named Ramsey and she gets thrown onto a car and is slipping off as the car next to them is ramming their car over and over. Ramsey doesn't even have that good of a grip and she's somehow on! In reality she would've flown off quicker than a fly on a windshield.

But I digress. Now I need to talk about probably the best and most emotional part of this film which is the amazing tribute to the late Paul Walker at the end of the film. Since the film came out there have been many YouTube tributes going up all over the internet to the same song as the tribute at the end of the movie. Tributes like this:

Overall Furious 7 is a stupid, comedy filled, action packed and emotional ride and I LOVE IT. It's exactly what I expected from a Fast movie. This film is great and every action movie lover should go check this one out.


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