ByJason O Callaghan, writer at
Jason O Callaghan
I'm Batman
- Dean Winchester played by Jensen Ackles

I like love the series but i think FOX and WB could have done a better job on it
like recast everyone but just keep Sean Pertwee and Donal Logue.

And make it like Batman The Animated Series and the comics and or if the CW gets the rights of Gotham and recast for Season 3 anyway back to my first idea Jensen Ackles can make an amazing Bruce Wayne/Batman watch Supernatural and some episodes can make him like an idiot and other episodes makes him like the caped crusader and he is an fan favorite for Jason Todd/Red Hood but now he is to old for the character and he is perfect for Batman. Jensen is 37 and that's okay every actor who played the dark knight were middle age.


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