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Being a little kid i was often put to sleep by my grandmother. Her infamous technique you ask?

Reading me the Mahabharata.

The Mahabharata is a book describing the epic battle that took place in the indian mythology dealing with two families. The Pandavas and Kauravas facing off the end literally giving a new meaning to collateral damage.
I always loved it when she used to tell me the stories about how the wars took place in ancient india with all the twist of magic and power built within the characters.

My grandmother passed away 3 years back and from then on, i have fallen asleep to nothing but the dead silence from my apartment. I've had the book with me from that time on but unfortunately ended up never getting any time to read it.

So recently my friend introduced me to the work of the Scottish comic book writer and illustrator Grant Morrison. He has worked on titles such as Superman, Batman, the Justice League of America, the X-Men, and Hitler. He does lots of drugs and is batshit insane.

And upon researching on his work from the past , i came to know about 18 Days.

Turns out, it is a concept art book based on the Mahabharata

18 days cover, 2010
18 days cover, 2010

Reimagining the characters in a way like never before.

Brahma cosmos, 18days, 2010
Brahma cosmos, 18days, 2010

The amazing illustrations were created by Mumbai artist Mukesh Singh in collaboration with Morrison.

The book follows the climactic Kurukshetra War that is said to be the blueprint for every battle ever fought.

Karna the sun god vs Ghatotkach - Winner Loses All

The bomb

Battle Pandavas

Battle Kauravas

Arjun Invokes War Goddess

Bheem Missile

Overall this brought me back some serious nostalgia. Its exactly how my grandmother told me, but with a serious makeover with more badawesomness.
This one's for your ammama.

You can watch the animated series 18 Days here.


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