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Often unsmiling, Kristen Stewart has earned a reputation for being pretty serious and lacking a sense of humor. That's certainly not the case — she simply shies away from fame — something that comes across in Clouds of Sils Maria.

Take, for example, a scene in the film, during which her character Val, a personal assistant, discusses celebrity gossip with her boss, seasoned actress Maria (Juliette Binoche), calling it "fun." Obviously Stewart has found herself at the center of celebrity gossip time and time again, pretty much ever since she signed on for Twilight, and, while she might find tabloid fodder easy to write off, I can't imagine she always found it so "fun."

Speaking of Twilight, Clouds director and writer Olivier Assayas managed to sneak a joke subtly referencing the franchise, giving audiences the pleasure of watching Stewart (as Val) describe a recent Jo-Ann Ellis (Chloe Grace Moretz) film as featuring werewolves "for some reason."

Not all the pointed, meta comments featured in the film are so tongue-in-cheek, though. The werewolves line aside, it often seems that aspects of the film were conceived perhaps as a direct result of Stewart's casting. At one point, Val discusses Jo-Ann and calls her "brave" because she doesn't care what people (particularly the media at large) think about her. Stewart could be talking about herself in this scene, and it's not the only time Jo-Ann's life and personality seemed to parallel Stewart's.

As mentioned above, Stewart has never been one to play the role (so to speak) expected of a young woman who starred in a YA film franchise that became a global monster. She's often criticized for what many perceive as a dour attitude and a constantly bored-seeming demeanor. (You could say she suffers from major RBF.)

Jo-Ann, like Stewart, became an international icon before even exiting her teen years — and it took its toll. She's certainly more of a wild-child, waving guns around at her exes and assaulting police officers, but her general cavalier attitude certainly echoes Stewart's.

That's not to say Jo-Ann is identical to Stewart (though, funnily enough, there's a scene in the movie in which the character's hair even parallel's a recent style of Stewart's), but it's hard to ignore the similarities. That said, you have to wonder whether Stewart's casting was wholly accidental — it's hard to imagine anyone else in the role.

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