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*Note: I might start ranting in this article...

Hello fellow DC comics lovers! If you are like me, and you love DC comics, then you might end up in the same category as me. SICK OF DC OVER-USING BATMAN AND SUPERMAN, AND UNDER-UTILIZING Amazing characters, such as Aquaman, The Flash, Dr. Fate, [Shazam](movie:738107), The Legion of Superheroes, The Teen Titans, and the most under-rated, and criminally under-used character in DC comics (in my opinion) Martian Manhunter!!! I mean this character is soooo cool! He has so many powers and he's just a cool character.

Certified Bad-A$$
Certified Bad-A$$

Honestly I don't know much about him, because there are hardly any comics about him, (Three cheers for his new solo comic starting in June!) But from what I have seen of him in shows like Justice League, Justice League Unlimited, Young Justice, Justice League: Doom, and Batman: The Brave and the Bold, he has been incredible! He is such an interesting character. Recently I have been reading Blackest Night, (Which is an Incredible story by-the-way) and they mention him as being the heart of the Justice League multiple times. Why do they call him that? No one knows because he doesn't ever get enough character development in any of the Justice League stories!


He always just shows up as a minor character, getting hardly enough screen time, to make more room for Batman, Heck, Alfred gets more character development than he does. The whole Bat-Family gets more usage than just about any DC character, which just gets old. I mean I realize Batman is your guys best selling character, but put a little more resources into other people! Anyways I have digressed from the topic at hand, we need him in the DC comics movie universe for many reasons. These include:

  • He was an original Justice League Member! Wouldn't it be great to see the original Seven together? At least at some point in the DCCU? Please DC, make it happen!
  • He brings a unique voice to the League. Him and superman both being aliens would be unique and we could see development with both of them, kind of like Miss Martian and Superboy in Young Justice. (Except they won't be dating)
  • He has amazing powers! He would be visually incredible to watch! Just imagine him turning into a huge alien beast thing, a dragon or something, it would be awesome!
  • He loves Oreos! (Great product placement) Haha that one was a joke
  • Many fans want to see this, and as much as you are gun-shy DC, You should go out on a limb and put him on the big screen!

The last thing I will say, is If we get Martian Manhunter in the DCCU, please please please please please cast Idris Elba to play him! He is not only an amazing actor, but he has the build for him, He would look great with some CGI, and his voice is absolutely perfect for him, like I can not express how good his voice is for MM! He just has an amazing voice, and I don't think, anyone can argue that.



What do you guys think? Should Martian Manhunter be in the DCCU?


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