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Spoiler Alert: Major spoilers for The Flash will follow. Read at your own risk.

This year's WonderCon featured a panel dedicated to The Flash TV show. It featured actors Carlos Valdes, Candice Patton, and Danielle Panabaker. While there were some good hints at the show's future, the best came from Panabaker (Caitlin Snow).

For anyone who doesn't know, Caitlin Snow in the comics is also known as Killer Frost. Known mainly as a villain, but in the New 52 is portrayed as more of an anti-hero, specializing in ice manipulation.

Well, Danielle Panabaker dropped a bomb on fans by announcing that her character arc will in fact include becoming Killer Frost as soon as the end of this season. She described her character arc as "frosty."

I have a theory about the very likable and overall good girl that could change your opinion of her drastically.

Theory: Caitlin Snow has known and aided Dr. Harrison Wells' (Reverse Flash) plan the whole time. She and Wells are aware of her abilities, and will reveal them near the end of the season to help the Reverse Flash against Barry and friends. She will become Killer Frost, and possibly be one of the main antagonists of Season 2.

Reverse Flash and Killer Frost team-up.
Reverse Flash and Killer Frost team-up.

Could Caitlin Snow have been given her powers after the S.T.A.R. Labs explosion and been trained by Wells to control them? Could she be Wells' secret weapon, a part of a larger plan yet to be revealed?

Maybe she is also so interested in Barry and his abilities in order to learn more about her own?

There really is no substantial evidence pointing towards Caitlin being in on Wells' plans, other than Panabaker confirming she will become Killer Frost by the end of the season, and the fact that Killer Frost is a well known villain.

Her character has also conveniently been absent during any of the "Wells is the Reverse Flash" revelations that Barry, Cisco, and Joe have had this season.

In "Out of Time" when Cisco asks Caitlin to keep Wells busy as he looks into the idea of Wells as Reverse Flash, Caitlin simply tries to throw off the notion, but goes along with it. The only real "evidence" that she has no idea he is the Reverse Flash is that she refers to him as Dr. Wells, but that could possibly just be because she is unaware of his real name.

She also seemed surprised when Wells was out of his chair. But could her shock actually be concern? She could just simply be worried for Cisco's safety. As stated above, Killer Frost is more of an anti-hero; she could be showing some compassion, and truly care for Cisco.

Here is a clip of the conversation:

At the beginning of the show, the creators and actors promised a twist that nobody saw coming. While we all assumed it would revolve around who the Reverse Flash is, could this be the big twist we were promised?

While who the Reverse Flash is was a puzzler for most of the season, there was never a real OMG moment in "Tricksters" when it was revealed that the real Harrison Wells was dead, and Eobard Thawne had taken his form. The story seemed to flow very nicely with no real twist feeling.

With Caitlin Snow really spending most of the season in the background, and only being used in excess during the Firestorm story arc, this theory could take viewers by surprise.

Wouldn't it be heart wrenching if, towards the end of the season, once it is revealed that she has in fact been working with Reverse Flash the whole time and is unleashing her powers on the gang, she is standing over Cisco as a single tear falls down his cheek, and he utters "Killer Frost"?

What do you think? Is Caitlin Snow actually a villain? Tell me what you think in the comments, and thank you for reading.


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