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Following in the footsteps of my father to make his company into a global corporation has been a lifelong goal. I have nothing but the investors of this company to thank, for they have joined me in this vision.

- Simon Masrani, CEO of Masrani Global Corporation

Simon Masrani was born to Sanjay Masrani, the founder of Masrani Global Corporation and its subsidiary Mascom. Being the legal heir to the Masrani clan, Simon Masrani acquired Masrani Corp. immediately after his father's death in 1992. He expanded Mascom's services beyond just satellite television and into weather and telecommunications.

Jurassic World

Simon led the talks of acquiring InGen in 1997, when news first rolled-out about Dr.Henry Wu's successful creation of a hybrid plant - Karacosis wutansis. The financial status of InGen hit a record all time low during 1997. This was a direct consequence of InGen's failed attempts in running a theme park with living dinosaurs. InGen was left in tatters especially after their founder and CEO, John Hammond passed away.

Masrani Global successfully acquired InGen in 1998. Simon Masrani put forward his plan to fulfill John Hammond's dream of creating a fully functioning dinosaur theme park open to the public. InGen's chief Geneticist, Dr.Henry Wu eventually became one of the most valued members of Masrani Corp.

Simon Masrani with Lead Genetic Biologist Henry Wu
Simon Masrani with Lead Genetic Biologist Henry Wu

Construction work on the theme park began in the year 2002. Simon Masrani founded Timack Construction to assist subsidiary Axis Boulder Engineering in planning, preparing, and activating construction of the park. A whopping $1.2 billion was spent on concrete and other construction material. Jurassic World officially opened in the year 2005.

Simon appointed Vic Hoskins to reinvent the InGen Security Division. Vic was the best choice to head Jurassic World's security because of his past record. The professionalism with which Vic and his team handled an operation in 2001 involving three Pteranadons from Isla Sorna roaming Canada after they were accidentally freed near the end of an incident that occurred the following year.

Vincent D'Onofrio plays Vic Hoskins in the film
Vincent D'Onofrio plays Vic Hoskins in the film

Indominus Rex

Six years after opening, the parks success rate started to dwindle. This was a cause of concern for most of the investors. It is this cause of concern that made Simon Masrani take the next BIG step. The creation of a hybrid dinosaur that would grab a few eyeballs globally and get the park back on track financially. The Indominus Rex project was kept secret for over four years with the development of the hybrid starting in 2012. While spending the 2015 new year in Shangai, China, he revealed Indominus rex on his personal blog four months before her enclouser was open to the public. The announcement led to a soar in online booking for Jurassic World. Five months before the hybrid was open to the public, Simon beefed up the parks security funding.

Indominus Rex meaning "The Untameable King"
Indominus Rex meaning "The Untameable King"

Simon Masrani considered the Indominus Rex to have been unpredictable, even saying that she wouldn't just scare the children, but their parents as well.

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