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Batman is batman

As some of you guys will know , batman is a cool millonaire that lost his parents by a dumbass criminal with a cool mansion and an awesome batcave with a bunch of modern toys and very interesting stuff such as his Utility belt with a lot of weird and strategical things

the Dark Knight Returns
the Dark Knight Returns


Also with cool enemies like the Joker which in my opinion is interesting and terrorifyng , like Bane that is a good enemie in my opinion , he broke Batman's back and has very cool quotes like :"You have my permission to die" , and there is Deadpool ... No ... WAIT A MINUTE... GET OUT DEADPOOL YOU'RE NOT FROM THIS UNIVERSE !


As you can see , Batman is so cold and dark , he learnes martial arts for a long time , he has discipline also with his mind , and the most respetable quote : "I'M BATMAN!!!!" If you love it leave a commet . Batman uses his detective mind to resolve every plan that every criminal in Gotham or in the world could ever had , he makes villains to shit up in him also when he beats Superman in the Dark Knight Returns


Which Batman you think is the best


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