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As some have pointed out (I'm looking at you Matches), I have yet to talk about Suicide Squad in an article and....yeah I don't know why I haven't. So I'm not going to waste anymore time and get right into this!

Suicide Squad is not something I was a huge fan of until about a year ago when the Suicide Squad were about to appear in CW's Arrow and in the animated movie: Assault on Arkham. So like most properties I don't know and learn they are getting adapted, I immediately researched Suicide Squad and instantly fell in love with this team. So I analyzed all the news and announcements/leaks about the upcoming Suicide Squad film in 2016 and to sum up my thoughts: I'm very hyped for this movie.

Since casting seems to be the most "infamous" thing about DC movies, I figured I better start with that.

First we have Harley Quinn making her first film appearance:

My reaction to Harley being in a movie.
My reaction to Harley being in a movie.

And if that's not fantastic enough, she is being played by Margot Robbie, who you might know from Martin Scorsese's latest movie the Wolf of Wall Street.

Honestly I don't think you could have gotten a better casting for this character. I know Margot Robbie can act, she's drop-dead gorgeous, she's the perfect age (After Andrew Garfield being Spider-Man, age doesn't really matter), and she actually looks just like Harley.

That's about all I can say about the casting. Just...way to go David Ayer.

Next we have Will Smith playing the deadly sharpshooter: Deadshot AKA Floyd Lawton.

At first, my reaction was "Eh? The fresh prince playing Deadshot? No." But the more I thought back at Will Smith's career I realized that he's actually not a bad choice. First we know he can do action with roles in movies like Men In Black, i,Robot, and Independence Day. However movies like Seven Pounds, Hancock, and Pursuit of Happyness show that Smith is a really talented actor so combine those together and I honestly think Smith can pull it off. I know there are those upset about Will Smith being Deadshot just because he's African-American and here is my reaction to those people.

Okay first off, ethnicity does not ALWAYS matter in casting. If the actor pulls it off then he pulls it off like Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm. I don't hate the casting, the guy can act so I'm going to give him a shot. Also with Deadshot, that casting can work either way because Deadshot does not have a clear ethnicity, he's a mutt in a way. There got that out of the way let's move on.

We have Jai Courtney as George "Digger" Harkness AKA Captain Boomerang

When you hear that name and see that picture, you would think that this was quite possibly the dumbest character you will com across in the comic book industry but he manages to be decent villain. Boomerang is the man who carried out the death of Tim Drake's father (hinting at the possibility of seeing Tim Drake in the DC Cinematic Universe...PLEASE Warner Brothers!!!!), he's a deadly fighter with his...high tech boomerangs. Gee, an Australian character with a boomerang theme....that's not stereotyped at all.

While I love that Boomerang is being introduced in this movie so that people can grow to like the character much more but what I don't like is the casting of Jai Courtney. So far there has yet to be one performance from Courtney that I like so that doesn't really excite me for the character but I will give a shot since at one point I thought Channing Tatum was a bad actor but has risen to being Hollywood's newest rising star.

So maybe this will finally be the role where Jai Courtney will finally prove to be a decent actor in my eyes.

First Rick Flagg was going to be played by Tom Hardy and I thought that was great casting since Hardy has become one of my new favorite actors and attempting to remove the poor role of Bane from the minds of audiences and with a better DC role was a great idea.

However, Hardy is no longer Flagg and has been replaced with Joel Kinnaman who's breakout role was with 2014's RoboCop reboot. I think that Kinnaman is just as good of choice for Flagg since I really liked his performance as RoboCop or Alex Murphy. I'll have to wait a bit more for a trailer or a picture to give my opinion but as of right now I'll say: not bad at all.

Killer Croc is a villain that I've wanted to see in a movie for a long time when I heard Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (Do not ask me to pronounce that) was cast as the character, I immediately gave a thumbs up.

I always felt that King Shark was a complete clone of Killer Croc so having Croc be the replacement makes me happy.

Cara Delevingne (I had to check that three times before I spelled it right) plays the magical villain: Enchantress. I'm not an expert on Enchantress so when I heard she was put in this movie, my first impression was, "Okay. Cool." Plus I don't know the actress that well to really have an opinion.

I was more of a fan of what her character means: if Enchantress exists then Constantine exists, then Justice League Dark exists so...yeah that's awesome!

Amanda Waller has been cast with How to Get Away with Murder's Viola Davis

Yeah umm I got nothing to say about that casting other than: perfect.

And finally we get to the casting that was probably the most surprising to me at least: Jared Leto as the Joker.

My first reaction to Leto as the Joker was: "Huh?" and "Seriously? We're doing Joker again already? Ugh..." Yeah for those who don't know, I am so tired of the Joker being SO overdone in both movies, animated shows/movies, and comics. There are plenty of other villains...but then again, no Joker has yet to be as good as Mark Hamill/Troy Baker's Joker so maybe this will be the one chance for that. As for the casting itself, I think he has the right look for it, he seems to have potential, and I'm willing to give him a chance.

These are really all the things we officially know about the movie and so far it's not too bad at all. Now let's move onto the HOPES section.

First off, I think [Suicide Squad](movie:2283363) is the perfect movie to introduce more of the DC Universe since Waller does use villains of all kinds of heroes. This can allow for a lot of banter between the members of the Squad. This brings me to the tone for the film, these character are not as gigantic nor as epic as Batman and Superman so I think the tone should not be like Man of Steel of Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice and more of a tone that is similar to the later Fast & Furious films by Justin Lin and James Wan. High paced action, fun banter and chemistry between characters, and more of a heist film. That brings me to the next segment.

The Plot. What should this movie be about? Will it be the Squad breaking into Arkham Asylum to steal something like in [Batman: Assault on Arkham](movie:1409921)? Will this be more of a chase thriller where the Squad is going after one man across the world? Well here is how I think a great Suicide Squad plot should be:

ARGUS has learned of billionaire Maxwell Lord salvaging pieces of the destroyed World Engine that Superman had destroyed in the Indian Ocean. The billionaire's motives have never been for the people of Earth but for himself. Analyzing the pieces that Lord's company Chimtech salvaged, Amanda Waller saw that it was the atmospheric generators. Lord spoke about his despisal for Superman in the past and wanting to give Earth a new beginning so this leads Waller to try and hack into Chimtech to find anything but Lord has even blocked out ARGUS. ARGUS will not allow Lord to wipe out millions just to destroy Superman so Waller needs to find the location of the atmosphere generator inside his building of Chimtech then search for and destroy it. Given no choice, the head of ARGUS sends out soldiers to assemble Task Force X AKA The Suicide Squad. First in Gotham City the brute monstrous sewer dweller Killer Croc is apprehended...with some difficulty of course. Above the sewers at Arkham Asylum, Waller herself visited Harleen Quinzel in her cell to offer her once chance to be released from Arkham but she doesn't agree unless the Joker comes with her. Reluctantly, Waller agrees and that's when we are greeted to the sinister Joker. Joker and Harley make their way to an ARGUS helicopter and take off. When over the ocean, Joker immediately tries to take out the soldiers but there was the click of a gun and a voice came from in shadows, "You might not want to do that, Clown Boy. I can shoot you both from multiple angles and I will not miss." That's when a red light turned on and it shined a laser point onto Joker's forehead, the man leaned forward revealing Floyd Lawton AKA Deadshot and he continued,
"Say if I wasn't here. If you managed to kill these soldiers which you could because they are trained horribly in fighting, you still have three other choppers following us and ready to blow us out of the sky if need be. Now I suggest sitting down and don't try anything." Joker just grinned with a shrug then did as he was told,
"Been a long time Lawton. How's tricks? Still taking out one percenters on their yachts? I bet it's fun."
"Not long enough, Clown. By the way, hope you don't mind needles." All three of them were then fired at with tranquilizer darts and knocked out cold.
In Fawcett City, a few ARGUS troops tried using tranquilizers to take down the Enchantress but instead it is up to their CO: Rick Flagg to fight her with just his hands before planting a tranq dart in her neck.
Next in a bank in Central City, the Australian criminal George Harkness AKA Captain Boomerang is revealed by two him hacking into bank security and discovering the codes to open the vault. Upon opening it Flagg's voice is heard,
"I wouldn't do that, Digger." Harkness smirks then turns to look at Rick,
"Flagg. How's things as Waller's lapdog?" Flagg then replies,
"Eh, same old, same old."
"Let me guess, Task Force X drafting? I ain't going back, mate." He said as he reached under his jacket,
"You don't have a choice, Dig." Harkness throws three boomerangs which Flagg immediately shoots out of the air while Harkness charged forward. After a bit of hand to hand combat, Flagg manages to pin Harkness down and grab a tranq dart,
"Sorry about this..." He injects him with it and Harkness drifts to sleep, "...mate."
Next scene shows all drafted criminals waking up in an ARGUS cell where Waller is standing on the outside of the glass wall. Once all of them have woken up she explained why they were here: to do a job. They were to break into Chimtech, find the location of the Kryptonian technology, then destroy it. El Diablo questions as to why they should agree and so Waller explained about small bombs planted into the back of their necks and they will go off if they tamper with them or if they stray from the mission. Deadshot and Harkness had been drafted before so they just agreed to go along.
The Squad finds their way to London, England where Chimtech's tower stood tall in the center of the city. After many parts filled with banter, planning, and development with the team, the heist begins. First Croc and the Joker via the sewers break in through the basement area and finds his way to the elevator shaft to cut the cables causing the elevator to crash at the bottom. This makes the building call for maintenance: cue Lawton and Harkness who incapacitated the maintenance men and took their outfits from them and replaced the ID tags with their own with aliases of course. Enchantress was at the front desk, posing as the representative of LexCorp who was to arrive today but never did thanks to Enchantress. She was granted access as well so she followed Harkness and Lawton. El Diablo was outside the building in the getaway vehicle: a hummer. In the back seat was Harley to stepped out with Flagg; they made their way to the front desk and they prentended to be a newlywed couple from Metropolis who wanted to tour the building. When the secretary could not let them through, Harley quickly grabbed and slammed the woman's head against the desk thus knocking her out. By this point, Deadshot had already taken down security cams and the guards watching them so Harley was lucky. Stuff the woman under the desk, Flagg and Harley make their way upstairs to find Lord's office; they had only a few minutes before Lord would return to the building so when they opened Lord's office door Harkness attempted to walk in but Enchantress stopped him before releasing green smoke across the room revealing a lasers projecting all over the room. This is where Harley comes into play as she leaped, twirled, and rolled her way through the security system using her acrobatic skills and shutting it off. Flagg got onto Lord's computer whilst the rest of the Squad kept watch except for Joker and Harley who stood at the large window. Flagg found the location of the generator: Gotham City. However Deadshot realized: if the laser security was run privately int he office...then so were the cameras. That was when El diablo contacted them,
"You got trouble amigos! Soldiers are going into the building and they don't look like normal ones. We got mercs." Deadshot, Harkness, Flagg, Croc, and Enchantress entered the hallway and when soldiers began to appear they began to take them out in different ways. Flagg yelled to the others,
"Quinn! Joker! We need an exit!" Joker keeping his smirk looked out the window to see that there was a large flagpole right beside the building and on it was a rope,
"Bingo! We take the pole!" It was then that from around the corner, a man weraring an orange and black armor stepped into view holding a helmet in one hand. He had white hair and an eyepatch. The soldiers stopped firing and the sight of this man made Flagg, Deadshot, and Boomerang's eyes go wide, an loud,
"Shit!" Could be heard from Boomerang's mouth before the man smirked,
"Digger, Floyd, and Rick. Been about three years since our last mission, hasn't it? Well Lord hired me to kill anyone who takes his things. Even better I get to kill you three." Deadshot glared at the man,
"We'll see Slade...or should I call you Deathstroke? FLAGG, GO!" Flagg didn't want to leave anybody behind but he ran to the balcony and leaped off to catch the rope of the flag pole. Joker smiled then picked up Harley,
"That's our cue my dear!" He threw Harley to the pole then leaped off himself. Croc and Enchantress charged through the soldiers coming from the opposite direction before HArkness ran off tot he balcony leaving only Deadshot to deal with Slade Wilson. Slade put on his helmet and the two fought through the hallways until reaching an elevator door and it ends with Deadshot kicking Slade into the elevator shaft and fell hundreds of feet. Enchantress made her way to Deadshot,
"Is he dead?" Deadshot just said,
"He's survived worse. I'd say no." The remaining three made their way to the balcony where the mercenaries had a attack chopper waiting. When the gatling gun began to fire, Croc enveloped the two then performed a leaped protecting his squadmates as he rolled his way through the cockpit and falling down to the nearby river.
After surviving and reuniting with the Squad in the truck, Lawton immediately sent a heavy punch to Harkness' face knocking him to the side. Payback for leaving him to deal with Slade,
"You've always been a coward you know that?"
"There's a difference between cowardly and smart, mate!"
"Knock it off! The job's not over! We need to get to Gotham." Says Flagg before Deadshot says,
"You're lucky I have this bomb in my neck. Otherwise...there would be three bullets in your head. One to penetrate the thick skull, one for your not so well developed brain, and the last one for your big mouth." Deadshot was the first to get out of the truck then make his way to their private plane. Whilst they fly, Flagg mentions that the generators were being used for a program called OMAC.
Once in Gotham City, Deadshot and Joker finally find something to agree on: they need to travel via the sewers otherwise the Batman will find them. They make their way to Lord's storage where they discover an underground facility with strange humanoids waiting in tubes. Lord reveals himself after capturing them all in field of Kryptonian atmosphere. Lord releases the seven cyborgs from their tubes and they stand around him. One sent a blast to El Diablo instantly killing him,
"I must say I'm impressed. You managed to figure out where I am. Let me guess, Waller sent you? What a bitch, huh? Well if it's any comfort, she's going to die to. You know these are meant to kill superhumans like your reptilian friend or the alien from Metropolis. That's what I'm going to do. Rid the world of their kind and the people that support their infection on this planet." That's when a deep robotic voice echoes through the facility,
"Not as long as I live." That voice makes Joker begin to laugh very loudly,
"Somebody's in trouble." He says in a sing-song voice just before the Batman drops from above and kicks Lord intot he wall. This makes the OMAC drones begin to attack Batman and he manages to fend them off enough by dodging and sending precise attacks. Meanwhile Deadshot manages to move his hand enough to shoot the source of the atmosphere. The Squad all begin fighting the drones alongside Batman just before Lord managed to speak,
"Begin the Purge!" The OMACs immediately stopped then launched into the air and through the facility roof and into the Gotham City skyline. Batman and the Squad made their way to the streets where they got into different vehicles. Harkness stole a brand new Dodge Challenger and drove through the city beside the Batmobile. Croc and Enchantress were traveling by rooftop thanks to either magically enhanced speed or genetically enhanced speed. Batman puts the Batmobile into autopilot as he plants a Bat-shaped emitter onto the console then contacted the Batcave,
"Oracle! I need you to create a kill code for the program I found in Lord's facility. He's using drones to wipe out any superhumans." Oracle's distorted voice could be heard,
"My god. He took people and made these? A monster. All right, kill code is being programmed but it will take some time. You need to distract them, Batman." Flagg nodded then contacted the Squad,
"Batman is creating a kill code for the OMACs. We need to distract them, keep them busy." Croc grinned,
"No problem, Ricky." He leaped and tackled one OMAC into the streets and Enchantress uses her powers to pull an OMAC back. The fight continues on but then Batman learns that the OMACs are being commanded by a lead drone and so the kill code must be planted into that one to deactivate them all and it needs to be at a very precise spot. Deadshot immediately lands on the Batmobile and offers to take up on finishing the job himself. After a long chase and battle, Deadshot fires the Bat-shaped emitter to the eye of an OMAC which makes him say,
"Bullseye..." And so the OMACs drop from the sky and die. The Squad and Batman all reunite and Batman uses a disruptor to deactivate ARGUS' bombs in their necks. Harkness smirks,
"Good, so I can kick your ass." Croc, Boomerang, Joker, and Harley all begin attacking Batman but Flagg, Enchantress, and Deadshot fight alongside Batman. Batman fights the Joker, Enchantress against Croc, Deadshot against Harkness, and Flagg against Harley. Their combined efforts easily take down the villains just before Waller arrives,
"Alright Squad, pick them up and let's get moving. You've got work to do." Deadshot immediately interjected,
"You said when we were done with this mission that we could go."
"That was before you destroyed the drones." Even Batman spoke out,
"These men just saved us all today, Waller. Live up to your word."
"They are criminals. They deserve to be in ARGUS' prison or dying working for ARGUS. There is nothing you can do to stop me, freak." Batman stepped forward and glared,
"I know six others who would disagree with you." Flagg stood beside Batman crossing his arms,
"Make that seven." Deadshot aimed his laser at a certain spot that would cause the bullets to ricochet and kill all the soldiers and her,
"Make the right choice Waller." Waller waved her hand and the soldiers backed down,
"Yours and Enchantress' records will be abolished. Now get out of my sight." Deadshot smirked then walked off. Waller looked to Batman,
"It's not over between us, you know that." Batman managed to smirk,
"You will never beat me, Waller."
Finally the movie ends with Floyd Lawton in the Bahamas entering a house with a bag where his daughter is waiting in the living room. Floyd doesn't know what to do but then she runs to him and they hug: his life as an assassin is over and his life as a father can begin.

To me that would be the perfect plot for a Suicide Squad movie. Now this is just an abridged version of the movie I had in mind. I had a lot more stuff with Joker and Harley.

Tell me what your thoughts are on this article. Did you like it? Hate it? Let me know!


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