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Wong Hon Fung
  • The heat of Phrase 3 is increasing,and there are some trailers that are feeding the thirst and hunger of the fans .The trailers also showed that no avenger will die until Avengers Infinity War,but the avengers may be injured so badly and they can hardly fight in Avengers Infinity War Movie .They might also appear in some other movies.
  • 1.Klaw might continue appear in the Avengers movies,not only in Infinity War.
  • 2.Norman Osborn may also make a connection between Spider Man and Avengers.
  • 3.M.O.D O.K. may appear in Infinity War,after the Captain Marvel movie,since she is foes oh M.O.D.O.K.,if she will make an appearance in Infinity War(which the trailer does not mention)
  • 4.Many characters will join the Infinity War,if the plot of the Civil War is same to the comics.
  • 5.Wasp may make an appearance in Ant man ,which may result her appearance in Civil war and Infinity War.
  • 6.Iron Man may have an appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy 2,if the plot of it is same to the comics.
  • 7. Captain America's shield is destroyed in the trailer if Age of Ultron and he may not be able to fight in full power in the movies after Age Of Ultron.
  • There are so many possibilities,and I cannot list them all.If u have any suggestions, u can comnent to tell me below.


What suggestions above do u think is the most possible?


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