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Last night I saw Furious Seven with my fiance and it was a reminder of why I go to the movies. It had everything you could want in a movie, comedy, drama, visually stunning direction, crazy action sequences, and a tribute to an amazing actor that passed way before his time. I'm going to talk about the major highlights of the movie and my thoughts on them.

The movie opens with Jason Statham showing just how badass and thirsty for revenge his character Deckard Shaw is after the crew in Fast 6 nearly killed his brother. "You always picked fights with the biggest meanest guys on the playground but I always had to step in to finish them, I will clean up this last mess for you." Deckard talks to his comatose brother then walks out of the hospital he is being kept in while the camera shows that he wreaked all kinds of havoc just to talk to him and let him know he would kill whoever did this to him. This scene is shot beautifully by James Wan who uses a classic one-shot technique with a kind of speed-up twist to it showing how one-minded this character is in his revenge.

Then we are shown Letty and Dom driving around on what Dom says should help bring back memories only to reveal...

RACE WARS! "We used to come here?" Letty says to which Dom replies "Come here? We invented it." Then Letty smokes some guy in a race and she gets so overwhelmed with everyone calling her "Ghost Girl" and she punches Hector. Remember our old pal Hector from the first film?

Yeah it is great to see a familiar face even if it's briefly, we get a reminder of the simplicity of their life back in the start of the series and how their problems have escalated a lot over time. These were street racers that stole DVD players(LOL) and now they are getting tangled up in a war between ghosts and shadows. Letty goes to her grave site and tells Dom she has to find herself and she leaves.

Cut to Brian O'Connor with the look in his eyes like he is getting ready to have the biggest race of his career only to pan out and show him in a mini van dropping his son off at school which you can tell is really hard for him adjusting.

After briefly seeing Brian adjusting we are re-introduced to One man army/One-liner machine Luke Hobbs and Elena who is fully working for the DSS now. Hobbs gives Elena a letter of recommendation for who knows what and then he walks back up to his office to find Deckard on his computer and they exchange a few words before we are treated to one of the most beautifully choreographed fight scenes I have ever seen(there are multiple great fight scenes in this film). With the directors eye of a horror filmmaker we are brought into the fight scene as opposed to keeping the angles sharp and still we are thrown in circles as they fall and following each fist thrown as two of the best action stars in the business duke it out. At this point I started to think there is no way to end this without fans being like "NO WAY HE COULD'VE EVER BEATEN HIM", so the writing team instead ends the fight with Shaw throwing a grenade and Hobbs falling out of the window from the blast saving Elena but also landing on a car and breaking several bones.

Dom then visits Mia and Brian(there is a box from Han waiting on the porch) and Mia tells him she is concerned about Brian and how in his words he doesn't miss the cars or the girls, he misses the bullets. Mia reveals to her brother that she is pregnant again but she hasn't told Brian because she feels as if he hates the white picket fence life and sees it as a burden. Then Dom gets the call from Shaw after having killed Han and realizes there is a bomb in the box, but its too late. The bomb goes off and Brian is able to close the van door and save his son but he gets thrown against the car and both Mia and Dom get thrown as well. The entire house is pretty much destroyed as well as their new found happiness at home.

Dom then visits Hobbs and finds out who it is that did this and he tells Hobbs he will find him to which Hobbs says "Don't Miss".

After a short visit to Tokyo to bring Han home and race Sean Boswell(Hans drift apprentice from Tokyo Drift) the crew is at a funeral for Han while talking about how they're being hunted and Shaw is probably out there watching right now. Dom sees a car driving and leaves the funeral to chase it. In the funeral scene I started to cry because Roman keeps saying "No More Funerals Brian" to which Brian replies "Just One More", now I know they were talking about Shaws funeral but I couldn't help thinking how weird it was that his character said that line.

Meanwhile Dom chases Shaw through the streets and they come to a game of chicken in their cars to which neither one backs down and the cars crash head on into each other, this was another great example of directing a scene so well and showing two characters that never back down doing what they do best and not backing down. They both get out and Dom is ready for a street fight when Shaw pulls a gun and a bunch of military guys start shooting at him.

Enter Mr. Nobody played by Kurt Russell gives Dom pitch that if he helps find a hacker who holds a very important device that was kidnapped then he can use this device to find Shaw and take him down. The device hacks into every single camera microphone and any type of surveillance in the world to find people and is called "Gods Eye". Dom agrees and his team is brought in. Meanwhile after the explosion Mia and her son are in another country being protected.

This is when we are treated to the crazy awesome edge of your seat cars jumping from planes scene from the trailers and a whole lot of laughs from Roman and Tej.

Out of this whole sequence what stood out is Paul Walker and Tony Jaa's fight scene which was excellently shot and beautifully showcasing the true fighting styles of each person in real life.

They rescue Ramsey and the Gods Eye just barely avoiding Shaw and the men who had the device.

Then they go to the middle east because Ramsey didn't actually have the Gods Eye with her but she got rid of it to a friend and he sold it like an asshole and they get to party with a billionaire and Rhonda Rousey. Rhonda and Michelle Rodriguez put on display their fighting skills and have an excellent fight scene. But nothinG was more freaking AMAZING as the car scene where Dom and Brian jump from building to building to building. Brian tells Dom what he told his son "Cars Don't Fly" and just like his son Dom doesn't listen. Shaw interrupts again and is the reason they have to jump building to building to building.

I have to say I love how Shaw was used as somewhat of a disturbance of the deadliest importance until the end when he brings down the hammer and is brought into central focus with his fight scene with Dom.


Anyway the go to get Shaw using Gods Eye and fail because he has recruited "the enemy of my enemy". At this time Mr. Nobody gets shot and they lose both him(to his own personal socom medic unit) and the Gods Eye to Shaw.

The team decides if they are gonna fight them then they will do it in LA where they know it best.

Dom goes and gets the good old death trap car he always somehow rebuilds for "One Last Ride". Once again Shaw and Dom end up in a game of chicken but this time Dom uses his cars unique ability to do wheelies and he tries to blow holes in Shaw but fails. Shaw gets out ready for a street fight and Dom pulls out a shotgun saying "You thought this was gonna be a street fight? Of course it is."

He drops the gun and grabs his handy dandy wrenches. This fight scene does not have a winner except for "The Street" because the street always wins in a street fight. But it is beautifully executed and crazily shot like a true horror filmmaker.

Meanwhile the crew hacks into Gods Eye and retakes control of it. Hobbs sees on the news that cars are driving fast and causing problems so he rips off his cast and gives another great one-liner "Daddy's Gotta Go To Work". Hobbs then crashes an ambulance into a drone that was hunting the crew and Ramsey.

At then end of Doms fight with Shaw he drives off of a parking garage killing the other bad guys and he falls and it seems like he might be dead. That is until Letty tells him that she remembers everything now and they are married so if he dies she dies with him but she isn't ready to leave this place yet, and he wakes up.

Now I am starting to get really choked up here because the next scene was the most beautiful tribute to a Brother, not a co-star, not an actor, but a Brother to everyone who has been a part of this franchise from the beginning. The first thing I thought of when I got my first car was that I live my life a quareter mile at a time now just like they did. I felt like they were my brothers, the focus on family is what has helped this franchise thrive. If it was just about racing and heists and it had no feeling then it would've never made it this far. But the focus on loyalty and the importance of loving those around you helped launch it into our hearts forever. Here is the new video with the AMAZING tribute to Paul Walker.


What a great sendoff to a great man. It's still hard to believe that he is gone, but he will be loved for generations to come and his memory is timeless in the AMAZING movies he has been in.

Thank you to the whole crew behind this film for pushing forward and making something truly terrific that Paul would be very proud of. This is not only the best in the series, It is one of the best movies I have ever seen and he will always be one of my favorite actors of all time personally.





It's Never Goodbye.


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