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A lot of shows get cancelled every year. Either they were new and just couldn't justify a second season or they were old favorites whose fanbase dwindled or outstayed their welcome. This isn't a list of shows that were cancelled for seemingly no reason like Fox's many screw ups or shows that just didn't appeal to a large enough audience like the quirky but truly excellent Pushing Daisies, this is about shows that were cancelled for, in my opinion, decent reasons but still shouldn't have been. Also spoilers, so you know, be warned.

Raising Hope

Making tv shows with kids seems like it's always hard to do. Kids just aren't as dedicated to their art as their adult counterparts. Especially small children so usually making a tv show with small children you can almost guarantee it won't last a super long time. Unless they're like way in the background usually only coming out for the snappy remark every so often. You know what they say, never work with babies or animals. I loved Raising Hope though so I held out hope that I wouldn't have to let it go anytime soon.

Raising Hope made the same mistake that A LOT of other comedies make. The Big Bang Theory sometimes makes that mistake with Sheldon Cooper, Family Matters made that mistake with Steve Urkel. They take their golden goose of comedy, the one every fan loves and they push them to the foreground and shine a spotlight on them so bright that almost everyone else gets forgotten about in the shadows. In Raising Hope's case it was Burt and Virginia chance. I understand the desire to give them some attention, Martha Plimpton and Garret Dillahunt are both great actors and their chemistry on screen was fantastic. They were both very entertaining but after Jimmy moved out we should have seen them less not more. Eventually it became less about a quirky, weird, kind of dumb guy exploring the world of parenthood; and through trial and error, and avoiding his parent's mistakes, learning the right ways to parent his daughter as he grows into the man he should have been by now. It started to be about a couple with quirky family members going through quirky situations. I'm sorry but that just wasn't the show we signed up for.

Despite that it shouldn't have been cancelled. It explored a lot of very solid ideas about what made people a family and how to deal with problem's life throws at you. Jimmy and Sabrina were golden together and if anything I wished they spent a little more time with the couple and trying to raise their kid the best way possible rather than the parents dealing with not having them around. What I learned from Jimmy and Sabrina is that every family is weird no matter how normal they may pretend to be. Everybody has faults but truly loving them means loving them despite all that and attempting to understand their eccentricities rather than fix them or dismiss them.


I loved the first season of Whitney. Whitney and Alex were the perfect couple in my eyes, to this day those two are still my relationship goal. If Whitney Cummings could get a guest role on Undateable opposite Chris D'Elia again that would make my day so much. They were madly in love and they were adorable together.

Then season 2 happened and all while watching it something felt off about it. I couldn't quite put my finger on it but while I was enjoying the show for what it was something about it felt wrong. Then after reading an article I realized what it was. There was a character on season 1 named Neal who was bi-curious. They really did a good job of explaining how some people's sexuality just don't fit into the strict bounds of gay or straight and their sexuality is more fluid. I really admired that and how easily and calmly all the characters on the show took this revelation. However, in season 2 it completely erased that because every joke with Neal's ex-fiance Lily was about "gay Neal" which was disappointing because they had done such a good job with it while still maintaining the comedy aspect of it. That and a few other jokes had proved the decline from season 1 into the crude humor of season 2.

making the bed like a champ
making the bed like a champ

Still, I would have liked for the show to remain because I think it would have been able to bounce back from that. A lot of the other characters had solid storylines and were fun. Despite the drunken best friend's storyline coming off as a bit sexist at times everyone had something going on for them that was entertaining to watch. Sometimes shows go through a rough patch but pick back up, like Bones to me went through a small patch where it was kind of boring but the show raised the stakes and made it more interesting, that wouldn't have happened if it was cancelled.

You would not believe how many pictures of Whitney Huston I had to sift through to find some of this show.


John Cho and Karen Gillan
John Cho and Karen Gillan

This show just barely made this list. Not because I don't miss it, I absolutely adored this show. I loved every bit of it, it was genuinely funny and the characters were interesting and fun. It barely made the list because the reasoning behind it being cancelled barely felt justified.

Nobody watched it. That's pretty much the long and short of it. Mainly because of the name too. Talk about judging a book by it's cover. The whole show was made for all the people in the world that hate the word selfie to shine a light on how silly our social media culture is becoming. It was about fixing relationships and showing how oblivious our plugged in generation is. It's pretty hard to say much more than that but I want to give it the same critical look I gave the previous ones so I'll look at the negatives. Karen Gillan and David Harewood's characters tried just a little too hard to be funny and sometimes they fell flat. The relationship on the show went from beautiful natural progression to oh wait we're totally in love and we should be together right now. It also reinforces the stereotype of how men and women can't be friends without somebody liking somebody.

I can talk for a long time about the positives on this show but I'll limit myself. The show didn't wait for natural progression because like the younger generation is viewed to be, it was showing a lack of subtlety and a lack of delayed gratification. We want things now and we don't want to wait for it. Why should I have to wait for six season to see them finally discover that they're perfect for each other. Selfie also was very lenient on the new generation too, it showed that it's not always the problem and isn't always worthy of chastisement, like all things we should enjoy them in moderation. Every so often Eliza's (Gillan) social media lifestyle would help out Henry (Cho), also part of the reason she is so successful is because she is good at reading trends and being a trendsetter herself. The true problem with Eliza is caring about what the wrong people think, she is worried more about what her followers think of her than her friends to which she has few. Also, this show has the most spot on song performances in the world. It encompasses the storyline so well.

Young Justice

COMBO BREAKER!! Yep just broke my Sitcom combo with an animated action show.

Reports from some sources say that the whole reason Young Justice got cancelled was because it couldn't sell enough toys. Here's why this doesn't surprise me. Teen Titans Go doesn't sell toys, no other cartoons on Cartoon Network really sells toys but they're all very much easier drawn than Young Justice which takes a lot more time and effort to intricately make. While DC is well known for it's animated original movies they're sold while Young Justice wasn't. I would think in order to make it worth the effort they would want to merchandise it as much as possible with the toys and the video game.

If that is the actual reason I can understand that but I also think part of the reason is that is has been sold wrong. They've been selling it as this kid's show when it's not, it's a teen show. Saturday morning cartoons has always been for children so putting their DC timeslot for noon on Saturdays isn't a good idea. What should have happened was it should have been given a Friday night timeslot of 9:00. It should never have been designed to sell toys in the first place. The show has romantic plots, death, a lot of moral questions, it should have been for an older audience. America seems to be under this pretense that if something is animated it either needs to be Spongebob or Archer, it has to be either very childish kid friendly or it needs to be adult and dirty. Archer is a bad choice for that comparison because it's actually fairly intelligently written though but it does add to the fact that even an intelligently written adult show still needs to be centered in comedy. The original Justice League shows and the previous ones pushed the boundaries of what was acceptable for a cartoon show but still managed to stay PG with laser guns instead of bullets and many other compromises. If they had sincerely pushed Young Justice as a tv show from teenagers to watch and talk about with their friends, maybe added social media into it if they really needed to things might have been different. That's just speculation on my part though.

That wasn't it though, the show had plenty of other problems, it had the Glee problem of adding characters seemingly at random and just not having enough to do with them. This second season was dedicated to comic book fans who could figure out the character enough to follow and yeah as a casual reader I was able to follow who most of the people were. However, the more characters you add the harder it is to give each character the respect they need. Romantic plot seem to come from nowhere at all, like Bumbleebee and Mal, it was pretty much brushed away and really there was no introduction of who Bumblebee even was really. It was giving a show that told people you should have learned all about these characters from the old Teen Titan show but putting it at a time that was best for small children who probably didn't watch Teen Titans. Some of the storylines got confusing in some places and there was constantly a lot going on. Even the filler episodes still had something you needed to pay attention. Also it couldn't let go of it's dependence on the A-team roster of the Justice League. Superboy trying to figure things out with Superman was gold, but what did Batman, Wonder Woman or Martian Manhunter need to be involved for? Especially if we're not getting a Dick Grayson/Batman break up. If they could have gone with the theme of the show and introduced someone who a lot of people don't really know much about like maybe Mr. Terrific or Ray Palmer, maybe even Ted Kord's Blue Beetle, have him be the teacher of the kids until his demise and then the scarab releases.

girl power
girl power

So maybe I'm being kind of hard on my beloved Young Justice. Like I've always said though we're always the most critical of things we love the most. We want them to be better and strive harder, if we just didn't care at all we wouldn't have much to say about it besides how stupid we think it is. Young Justice was staring down the barrel of a potentially incredible third season. We saw at the very end that Vandal Savage was meeting with Darkseid to plan a potential siege of Earth. The only problem is Darkseid is like the Thanos or Galactus of the DC universe, he seems to be pretty much it for the big bads so if they were going to Darkseid already season 3 might have been as far as we got if the show continued. Of course that's assuming they didn't go the route of OMAC and Brother Eye ripping through the heroes like a chainsaw through tissue paper. Imagine a future Superboy Prime/ Infinite Crisis storyline. The show was doing a good job of introducing people you either forgot about or didn't know much about in the beginning. Icon and Rocket for instance, while Icon didn't have much personality Rocket was a wonderful addition to the show and fun to watch.

Family Matters

One of my all time favorite shows in the world. I have to admit though that the first few season weren't rated very high on my list. Honestly I wasn't even really feeling Steve like that when he first came out. I don't really let nostalgia cloud my judgment on things usually, so I'm not going to pretend Family Matters was a perfect show just because I grew up with it. It had it's faults like every other show.

RIP Michelle Thomas and Rosetta Lenoire
RIP Michelle Thomas and Rosetta Lenoire

Family Matters was barely hanging on by a thread whenever it was cancelled. It's the same for a lot of those old tv shows we just didn't have the news out there like it is these days. The internet has changed a lot hasn't it. Nobody was really watching Family Matters all that much and it just barely made it into a 9th season when it was unceremoniously cancelled without being given a true ending like many black shows from the 90's. Like I said earlier, Family Matter's mistake was in pushing Steve Urkel to the forefront and ignoring other people. Majority of the final season was showing Laura finally changing her mind about Steve as he began changing himself. Not exactly the best message for young kids though "if no one likes you how you are, just change how you are. also break up with the one girl who has been constantly obsessively in love with you just for being exactly who you have always been." I felt like that was just a fishy shoehorned way of explaining a way for Steve to lose some of his clumsiness and for Laura and Steve to finally get together.

I was insanely happy when they got together though. I mainly want this show back because I love the characters and I'd love to see where they take it in this day and age. We saw an old favorite return in Boy Meets World so getting to see my OTP Laura and Steve would be fantastic. I'm also fairy disappointed since this webpage details a season 10 for Family Matters that never got released. Now is it true? I have no clue. It was written back in 2008 and it's not impossible to write a fictional ending for a show considering I just did that. I would love to think it is because if it is the storyline would have been so amazing and tied up a lot of loose ends. If it isn't then bravo to the writer on a job well done. I haven't given up hope though that one day maybe we'll be able to see a Family Matters reunion movie.

I could probably go on forever about all the shows that I wish didn't get cancelled over the years, considering my terrible tastes in, well, everything I'm sure there's plenty. I'll stop it there though and like I always do just leave you guys with a few honorable mentions.

Honorable Mentions

Go On

It's a hard time to be John Cho these days. I'm kind of on the fence about adding Go On mainly because I have no clue why it was cancelled. I don't really know why Raising Hope was cancelled either but at least there I could see some glaringly obvious negatives in the show. Here it just kind of came out of left field. The thing about this show is that is really skirted the lines of dramedy to me, and the assistant falling for Ryan and then quitting her job wasn't even mentioned in the very next episode. It might have left some things open for the next season but still. I really do miss this show though and I am sad to see it go, also I was kind of hoping Ryan and the assistant did get together because she was adorable and they looked kind of cute together, they've been by each other's side for a really long time.

No Ordinary Family

Again, completely out of left field. You can't fight low ratings though, people just wasn't feeling it. Which is really a shame because I very much enjoyed the show. Yeah it got a little highfalutin (just learned that was an actual word) from time to time and got a little confusing but I really had hope for this show. The cast was solid and fun, it showed that being a superhero isn't a walk in the park and every power is it's own double edged sword. They felt real without going gritty and darkside on us. It looked like it was going to have a fairly interesting and entertaining second season. I'm still sad to see it go but I don't expect them to keep the show going if no one is watching it. People are watching the Flash all the time though so I guess something about No Ordinary Family just didn't appeal to people.


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