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This is Villa Isola. It's a part of my university building in Bandung, Indonesia. Now they used it as rector's office but long time ago it's a private villa that built by one of the richest man in the city, Dominique Willem Barretty. Barretty was a billionaire who owned press agent ANETA (Algemeen Nieuws en Telegraaf Agentschap) in Batavia-now Jakarta the capital city of Indonesia.

In 1930s, world facing an economical break down and it caused a lot of company to shut their business's down. But not with Barretty, instead of having a hard time he built one of the most prestigious building, Villa Isola.

The name 'Isola' it self taken from Barretty's life motto - m'isolo e vivo (I isolated myself and I survived).

Barretty only need a year to build this beautiful building. From October 1932 until March 1933. But unfortunately Barretty killed in a tragic plane accident in Syria along with 6 plane's crew and 350 letters that should be sent to Batavia from Netherland. The news said that the plane was struck by the lightning but from some evidences that found in the scene showed that it might be not just an accident. It's a conspiracy that was set up to killed Barretty because he was known as an espionage who helped Japanese's government by leaking information he got from a daughter's of Netherland's governor whom he dated. Barretty known as Cassanova who loved to have a lot of lovers.

Barretty just lived in Villa Isola for few months before his death. A life full with Irony from a rich cassanova who used to live surrounded by women and money.

After his death Vila Isola become one of the historical place in my city. Not only historical but also haunted.

in front of Isola Building you can see a very big tree and in the night you might hear people chatting in Dutch language. And if you lucky you can see Barretty's third daughter wandering around wearing her long old dress crying. Sometimes .. you also can hear a scratching sound from bunker under the building. The bunker was chained long time ago but people said it has a very long way. Beside scratching sound one of the phenomenon that also happened was a sound of someone walking on the stairs while no ones there.

well, apart of its mysteries and controversies, Villa Isola was become a part of one of the most prestigious and beautiful place in Indonesia..


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