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While not quite as extensive as the news offered at the Paleyfest Panels for Arrow and The Flash quite some time ago, this weekend's Wondercon gave us some pretty big bomshells too- and where Paleyfest was far more Arrow-oriented in terms of big news, we've only really got big Flash stuff so far from here.

Not only did they open with trailers which I will get to do more breakdowns on (here's an extensive Flash trailer breakdown, and a brand new Arrow one here based on all those tiny details in their newest trailers), some big character developments were announced, and, unlike at Paleyfest, some spinoff news was thankfully bestowed on us. Here are the biggest, what I deem most important bits of news from Wondercon.

The Canary Cry IS coming!

As in the kind that can make Superman's ears bleed. While both Sara and Laurel Lance employ sonic devices capable of shattering windows and incapacitating opponents (still in a pretty awesome fashion, as seen below) but there's something fans of Black Canary will love even more on the way.

We found out in the above mentioned Paleyfest Promo that Laurel would be spending time with Cisco, and this week we found out both her and Detective (Captain) Lance will appear in Starling City (but still on The Flash) in Episode 20 "Who is Harrison Wells?" where Laurel will ask Cisco for a favour. Andrew Kreisberg, executive producer of The Flash and Arrow, confirmed that the favour will be greater Canary Cry tech. So don't expect an actual metahuman cry- but expect something much more akin to it from the comics. Also expect Laurel and Cisco to be "one of the most fun stories" on the show yet.

We'll see Killer Frost "sooner than we think."

Bosslogic is the best artist on the internet, no?
Bosslogic is the best artist on the internet, no?

Keeping with the awesome female characters, focus shifted from a hero to a villainess- namely Killer Frost, enemy of Firestorm, and whose real name is Caitlin Snow. While she is cuddly and warm in the show at the moment, and without a doubt probably the nicest and most lovable character on it, that will take a dramatic turn eventually, when she inevitably takes on her villainous persona. Frost is often a more tragic villain than not, however, who merely needs heat to survive, and the best way to get it is to sap it from Firestorm.

At Paleyfest we were told not to expect her nor Vibe until after this season, but that was altered slightly today. Danielle Panabaker, who plays her, told us "“You’re going to see her sooner than you think.” While set photos have hinted at a wedding between certain characters, I believe some alternate timeline trickery such as in Flashpoint could give us our first glimpse at her before she becomes Killer Frost in the show's normal continuity. Using one word to describe Caitlin by the end of the season, we got one ominous "frosty."

Wally West "wouldn't be surprising for Season 2."

We heard similar at Paleyfest in relation to a Kid Flash appearance, as either Bart Allen or Wally West, but Andrew Kreisberg said today that Wally West seemed a likely candidate for next season. Given the show's roots in the New 52, and the current West family, the New 52 version of the character should be expected, but we won't know until we see him!

H.I.V.E will definitely play in big next season of Arrow!

Diggle uses Bing. Poor Diggle.
Diggle uses Bing. Poor Diggle.

Way back in season two of Arrow Deadshot mentioned H.I.V.E being the "alias" for the ones who contracted his brother's assassination. In flashbacks this season we saw them a little more closely in the form of a mysterious woman representing them hiring Deadshot's services. She told him that she was "merely a drone. A piece of a larger entity. We exist as one organism."

Diggle is confirmed to have a much bigger role in season four- breathe now if you thought he might die- which will accordingly be linked to HIVE, who, accordingly, will be linked to the season's 'big bad.' We still have no real confirmation on who they are yet.

The alternate timeline from Out of Time will be revisited, as will earlier events!

And, what's more interesting, the characters will learn what their futures were destined to be. It's a fair bet that relatively soon Harrison Wells' identity will be exposed in the current continuity as well, but seeing this will be a lot of fun.

On top of that, flashbacks cataloging a range of characters while Barry was in his nine month coma will also delve into who these characters are and what Barry means to them, giving them all mini origins which can and will be expanded on upon later. That'll be a lot of fun. Also, Cisco's Vibe-esque goggles we saw in earlier promos will likely be the key to visiting these alternate timelines.

"Raysh" al Ghul or "Raz" al Ghul?

While some fans have been saying this for a while (and yes, by some I mean me mainly, because I'm self absorbed and positively leaping at the opportunity to say I told you so!) the show pronounces the name both ways very deliberately. While comic and animated fans are more inclined to go with "Raysh," those introduced to the character through Christopher Nolan say "Raz."

The show couldn't alienate either group. So, to pay homage to that indecisiveness, Kreisberg said, they have characters like Nyssa and Ra's himself, who are really the most qualified, pronounce it "Raysh," while others say "Raz." Oddly, as I learned this year, neither are strictly correct in Arabic, with the correct pronunciation there technically being akin to "Ra-ha-s." But it's complicated enough already, don't you think?

A look at an expanding rogues gallery, a tease at Season 2's big bad.

We certainly haven't been deprived of villains this season, with just about all of the Rogues assembled, but Kreisberg confirmed the likes of Mirror Master and Doctor Alchemy, iconic Flash rogues, are both lined up for season two. The big bad is someone which he hopes will "blow people away" and surprise us.

My speculation as to a big villain who could be the season villain that fits that description includes Grodd, who we'll see more of later this season, and Killer Frost. There's a lot more to choose from, but they're my big two candidates- I'd be interested to hear your's below.

Some spinoff news and other interesting things!

We've learned a fair bit about the new spinoff and its cast, but we learned even more today. It'll be completely "off the rails" and feel like a "crossover every week," and given Flash VS Arrow and The Brave and the Bold are among both show's highest rated episodes, that really can't be a bad thing.

We also learned from Stephen Amell that an Arrow character is set up to be the glue between all three shows, and sort of "hover" between them. That role is already being somewhat fulfilled by Felicity Smoak, and, given her ties to Ray Palmer, I wouldn't be surprised if she became that character. He also confirmed he "imagined he'll be appearing in all three series," lending support to the popular notion that both The Flash and Arrow will appear in the new show's pilot, destined for the midseason- the start of Season 2 and 4 for each show respectively will work to set up the spinoff.

That's the big stuff! We also got confirmation that Episode 20 will be called "The Trap," and Episode 21 will be called "Grodd Lives." Given its proximity to the finale, I'd say that's even more supporting that Grodd will be the big villain for season two, but we'll have to wait and see! Let me know your thoughts in the comments, and thanks for reading! If you've got time and enjoyed this post, be sure to have a look at my Flash trailer breakdown, and my Arrow one which will be up soon! Have a great week, Flarrow fans!

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To fuel the debate- do you say "Ra's" or "Raysh?"


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