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Wong Hon Fung

Marvel has announced its Phrase 3 movie list,which includes Thor and Captain America's third solo movie ,some new solo movies and the third installment of the Avengers movie.Now,I have some questions about Phrase 4.

1.Will Avengers end in its third installment,or it will continue to develop?

Many people's answer is no,because they think Thanos is the worst threat,but it may be possible the they will meet a new threat.


2.If Avengers end in its third installment,will it be replaced by the legendary 'New Avengers'?

It is very likely to be possible,but the villians that they fight will be easier,since Thanos is defeated,or Thanos will return in a stronger form


3.Will Guardians of the Galaxy continue its installment in Phrase 4?

It will be possible,or they will make appearances in other movies in Phrase 4.


4.Will Inhumans have an another installment in Phrase 4?

I think it is very possible and they may have a third installment too.

In Phrase 4,I think there will be a series of new groups, and at last they will unite to fight a bigger enemy.

Phrase 4 movies that are possible:Guardians of the Galaxy 3,Black Panther 2,Captain Marvel 2,Inhumans 2,Dr.Strange 2,New Avengers or other new groups of heroes(It is likely that it will be split into two movies again.)

These are my guesses,and if u have any suggestions,comment to tell me below.


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