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Netflix is ready to make a mark in the Australian entertainment industry apart from offering movies and TV shows.

Netflix’s most awaited launch in the Australian region has been a success. The company’s services are the most wanted in the region as more than 350,000 people of Australia signed up and subscribed to Netflix streaming services prior to its launch. With all happening with the people living in Australia regarding the online movie streaming giant, they surely have warmly welcomed it in the region.
Netflix Inc. has already made a massive impact and its mark on the Australian entertainment industry. However, it seeks to do more than that. The company is eyeing to make ways to remove and eliminate data caps or metered internet in the country. Netflix wants to make internet cheaper for the Australians, the company has been very clear of its intentions. This move will make internet cheaper when compared to others while viewing and streaming online content. Insider Monkey reports “Industry observers are however warning that the country is on the brink of experiencing the ‘Netflix effect’ that is typical with any streaming video-on-demand service, entering a new marketplace.”
Netflix’s launch has changed the behavior of Australians regarding viewing content online. Those people were not content and it was impossible for them to watch or get access to any online content due to expensive data plans provided by other companies.
It is believed that the company is already in talks with telcos regarding this matter. Brad Rinklin, global chief marketing officer of Akamai said “Internet service providers are incurring huge network costs as people watch content from companies like Netflix. We’re working to remove some of the restrictions. It is in ­development. It’s quarters away. Having a price cap on your internet — that changes things quite a lot. It’s different from almost any other market in the world. We’re seeking to relegate the metered internet to a closed, sorry, sad old chapter of the Australian internet.”
Akamai was also previously engaged in such kind of work. The company was said to be working on turning of metered internet to some extent which made online content cheaper for telcos to “­deliver broadcast quality content across carrier networks.”
Brad Rinklin believes that this is the era of internet of things (IoT) and people will soon be seeing all devices connected to the internet. This will also change the perception of doing marketing online. Mr. Rinklin says “The more information you’re able to gather from a behavioral intelligence and buyer standpoint the more you will shift dollars. The most challenging aspect of the internet of things that busi­nesses or even consumers need to consider is we’re already extremely short attention-span editors.”


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