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The BBC is the oldest broadcaster in the UK but that’s not why it’s been in the news recently.

Jeremy Clarkson "fracas" is the primary reason why they have featured almost exclusively in the news recently with the fact they are supposed to be getting rid of BBC three, which has been swept under the rug.

The Jeremy Clarkson scandal which involved him punching a producer in what was apparently an unprovoked incident, has led to his dismissal and in turn fellow co-stars Richard Hammond and James May have left the show and not renewed their contracts, which James May taking to YouTube with an hilarious unemployment vlog, in which he plays his recorder and makes shepherd pie.

see what I mean, poor man obviously without top gear to keep him occupied, a hole has been left and he didn't fancy watching reruns of Jeremy Kyle like most unemployed people.

Whereas Richard Hammond, well no one really knows what he's up to probably being a good dad and spending the day with his kids, considering its Easter and it’s the holidays.

Top gear is the BBC's most successful program and is its top earner primarily due to the good natured bantering between the three hosts and well Clarkson being well Clarkson. It is syndicated around the world with it airing in over 50 countries, and almost every day on Dave, it’s safe to say if you watch Dave you have seen every episode of top gear to ever air in history. Now with the fact that those 50 countries won't have to pay for the rights to new series, so revenue start to deplete and without another program to take top gears place there is no way to replace the revenue that top gear was bringing it. the live shows were something to keep the name going but due to the fact they didn't continue their contract they have had to be rebranded under the slightly off named, Clarkson, may and Hammond but hooray it continued.

Now on to my second point the loss of BBC three. BBC Three is BBC answer to ITV 2 with programming aimed at the younger generations instead of the middle aged audience that BBC two and one aim at but now they want to get rid of that and take it online which is all fine and good if internet speeds match demand, but for people like me who live in the middle of the countryside internet speeds barely exceed well 80kb according to a leading speed checker and that’s no fast at all, in fact to watch bbc iPlayer at home I had to take my iPad to town, go to a coffee shop and then download TV shows through the cloud to later watch at home which is a waste of my time.

The outrage that ensured after it was announced that BBC Three will be shut down was a surprise to the BBC and led to a petition which has now gathered over 280,000 signatures, and the majority of these supporter won't continuing watching BBC programs because they cater to a different audience. personally the only programs left if BBC Three vanishes that I would watch are Mrs brown boys (which now only does Christmas specials), backchat (which originally started on bbc three and hasn't been commissioned for a third series to my knowledge), house of fools (which has matt berry so of course it would be good). That’s it three programs that I would carry on watching if BBC three was shut down.

overall the bbc will lose revenue from top gear and from the various programs BBC Three has given us, then it will lose the younger audience that is supposed to be indoctrinated into the BBC through BBC Three as there won't be a BBC three and instead they will end up going over to ITV or Channel four or for the times Netflix, which is the primary source of TV for teenagers if of course you have a decent internet speed. I believe that the BBC is running out of time and if they can't find something to replace top gear they may face the risk of closure on the plus side, TV licenses will either vanish completely or will be significantly reduced.


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