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DC are screwing themselves creatively and we don't know why...

DC currently have many different TV shows going on but for this article we are referring primarily to the Arrow/Flash Universe. Gotham is all on it's own and set well before the DCCU, Constantine is all but cancelled (sad face, I know) and we yet know nothing really about how Supergirl will fit into the larger picture of the DC world. Also going back over this article before you read it you should know I am in fact more of a DC fan, so this is not a hate article, just going through more and more Marvel continue to beat DC.

For a good while now we have known that sadly, (and stupidly most say) DC was going to have separate Cinema and TV worlds. They claim this is because it would be too hard to fit both into the same universe but it doesn't exactly seem to be a struggle for Marvel, who do it pretty well...

Doesn't seem hard for Marvel to join everything up, does it DC....
Doesn't seem hard for Marvel to join everything up, does it DC....

The separation of the worlds, opinions aside, was actually ideal in one way, in the sense that it would allow us to experience two different versions of the same character and see them follow separate paths and be in different story lines. It may also have allowed people who enjoyed characters in the short time they see them in a movie to enjoy them for a much longer period of time in a TV show.

I'm sure fans of Will Smith's Deadshot would enjoy also seeing him on Arrow
I'm sure fans of Will Smith's Deadshot would enjoy also seeing him on Arrow

It appears however that the bosses at DC have decided against this and that apparently in the future we will only be getting characters in the TV Universe that the movie universe has no plans for.

Now from a financial perspective if you have one universe we can completely understand the choice, movies make 100's of millions of dollars unlike TV shows which make far, far less, so it is fair that DC movies should get to pick exactly who they want to be in the films. However when DC decided to separate the TV and movie worlds this should not mean we shouldn't get to see two versions, both on the big screen small screen. By not allowing us two different versions this means that the movie and TV universes are in fact not really separate and the movie Universe is just intentionally crippling the already successful TV one and in effect making the separation of the universes nothing more than laziness.

Now you may not be aware of any examples thus far of the DCCU meddling in the TV world so we'll give you a few to think on:

  • Ray Palmer: Ray Palmer in Arrow as amazing as he is was, was not the writers intended character. The writers originally wrote the part for Ted Kord aka the Blue Beetle. If you are caught up to date with Arrow you will realise the suit Palmer currently uses is far more Blue Beetle-esk than the Atoms.
  • Harley Quinn: Harley made a surprise cameo appearance in one of the cells of the suicide squad back in season 2 of Arrow, however shortly after this the movie was announced and her planned full appearance was quickly dropped.
  • Batman: Arrow has been very quickly building up a world in which Bruce Wayne doesn't exist but should exist in. With the addition of Ra's Al Ghul to Arrow & the Teen Titans show that is going to air this year having no Batman, or even a mention of him will become extremely odd.
  • Superman: For CBS' Supergirl it seems that they will not be allowed to actually show Superman but rather will only have him be in the background or constantly be somewhere else and the only reason they allowed this is because otherwise Supergirl would just make no sense at all, it would be like having Robin and no Batman.
  • Captain Boomerang: Arrow showcased a different, far more badass and strangely non-Australian version of Digger Harkness earlier in Season 3. This was odd as he was in after suicide squad was announced but since it has picked up much more buzz we have yet to see him again. (spoiler from here) This is despite him apparently being imprisoned alongside Slade on the island. He was strangely absent and has not appeared in the suicide squad.
  • Deathstroke: While still unconfirmed it is an almost 100% certainty we will be seeing Slade Wilson in the DCCU. His role on Arrow was amazing and pivotal for the whole of Season 2 but for those caught up with season 3 it looks like we won't be seeing much if any more of him (not a spoiler, an assumption).
DC characters we either saw and wont see again or characters we will never see in the DC TV Universe
DC characters we either saw and wont see again or characters we will never see in the DC TV Universe


Deadshot: Deadshot on Arrow quickly became a favourite in the episodes he appeared in. The latest episode that he was in was in fact centred around him, taking a break from Oliver's Flashback's to seeing how Floyd Lawton became Deadshot. The episode also felt like it was opening us up to a multi-story arc that would introduce H.I.V.E to the Arrowverse. However basing an episode on Lawton should have been a give-away because he is later killed at the end of the episode. This being a comic book show you would imagine that someone dying could in fact not be the case, however Arrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim when asked if Lawton would be back next year responded with, "Unfortunately Deadshot is off the table". This is the first example of the DCCU directly killing a character so to be exclusive for the movie but it is highly doubtful it will be the last.


So as you can see the DCCU, an as-of-yet non existent Universe (it has 1 movie...that's not a Universe) is taking creative control of the TV already established and up-and-running TV world which started as one show (Arrow) but has become so successful and popular even the first spin-off (The Flash) is getting a spin-off (the as of yet unnamed mystery show). At this point DC have no idea if the movies will be as successful as they need them to be, playing catch up with Marvel is near impossible at this point, but we know for a fact that the DC TV shows are already successful. So the interfering with the TV Universes in favour of an as-of-yet not realised movie universe is just stupid.

One major problem that will pop up is if DC truly do not want two of the same character on two mediums at the same time, how exactly will they Handle The Flash? The Flash TV series is looking to be so popular that there is no doubt it will have a lengthy run of at least 3-4 seasons which will take it into the Flash movie time. How will DC deal with this? The easiest solution of course is to have the DCCU Flash be someone other than Barry Allan, like Wally West.

Please make the movie Flash another version
Please make the movie Flash another version

This would be a work around they could and hopefully do use instead of potentially having another Barry Allan and possibly intentionally crippling the TV show version to make sure the movie version receives all the focus, which admittedly is unlikely with it's current popularity but if ratings dipped even a little in a few years it is entirely possible.

We are sure that there will be more examples of the DC movies making changes in the TV one, for no real reason what with them "being separate" that we will have missed/not known about

So what do you think, is the DC Cinematic Universe going to keep all the "good characters" for itself and take any from the existing DC TV Universes movie producers deem too important to just be on TV? Should the fact that a big deal was made of separating the universes unlike Marvel mean that we should be allowed to see two different versions of one character? Has DC just fallen too far behind Marvel and are starting to make ridiculous decisions? Let us know your thoughts below.

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Should the 2 "separate" universes mean DC should leave the TV universes alone or do you think movies should be able to take things away from TV?


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