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Namaste! There are a couple of us who can think about such shows, but the most dreadful 5 shows which either deserve to come back up or never should've gone off would be these :

a) One Tree Hill

Yeah, no Lyton anymore :'(
Yeah, no Lyton anymore :'(

I mean, man we never got to see those Lyton moments. And neither did Peyton show up, not even on Brooke's W-Day. Aarghhh ! And apart from that, we couldn't just say bye to Haley and Nate.

And what about James and their other daughter, and what about Brooke and Julian?

There are a ton of people we just loved back there, Rachel, Mouth and so many more.

Hence the show just needs to come back on!!!! Like, Now!

b) How I met your mother.

Pa! Pa! Pa!
Pa! Pa! Pa!

I was not happy with the end, it was disastrous. But maybe a few more moments with Ted and Tedina won't have hurt. Grumph.

And did And what about Barney's daughter? And ending scene with all there kids playing and smiling won't have hurt you know, sobs.

But, but the story was more about the jokes. God do you know how hard it is to go on without the weekly dose of Barney-jokes?

Or the PDA and awesome high fives of lily and Marshall?

Or the whining Ted?

c) Gossip Girl

I miss you soo much!
I miss you soo much!

I mean how could you even let it go off.

I swore by Queen B and her King, Mr Bass. I can the ladies sighing ;)

And Blake lively made up my wardrobe alright? And what about Dan? I mean you tell us he is the one and then *BooM*, nothing more.

And my darling, Nate. Atleast he should've ended up with someone great.

And Oh My, Kristen bell's voice and What about the ambiguous ending? I have waited 2 years hoping the show will get back up, but No NOOOO!

d) Witches Of East end

Look at the dudes! phew!
Look at the dudes! phew!

Now, many you must be unaware of this little thing but really, you have to watch it and for those who have already, did you also cry when you realised that it was going off air.

I mean what? Wendy is dead, Frederick is dead, I mean the hotties of the show are gone.

Then one sister is pregnant, and the other is I don know doing what? And the mother is off and the mother's father is stupid and then both the brothers are crazy, I mean what?

You can't leave the show there. Huh.

e) The Secret Circle

You have to see it.
You have to see it.

We were only fortunate enough to see one season but God, it was some series.

Cassyand a bunch of others find out they are witches and then, well pretty much do everything and discover a horrendous past about their parents which makes them all connected. And when I say connected, I mean CONNECTED.

It is also a well known book written by L.j. Smith.

Well that series just needs to come up again, so many unanswered questions.

That is pretty much my best 5 that need to come, if I left anything out or you want to add any new series which I should watch and write about please let me know in the comments below. :) Ciao! Hope you liked it.


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