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The mortal Instruments book series is being adapted into a series on Abc Family and has been ordered for a 13 episode run. Filming will begin in toronto in may and they are looking to recast the main roles (Clary, Jace, Simon, Isabelle and Alec) in their their early twenties. Here are my choices for the roles:

Molly Quinn(21) as Clary Fray:

Best Known for her roles in Castle and Avalon High, the 21 year-old actress has expressed interest in the book series and recently meet with Cassandra Clare. Maybe to talk about the tv series? She certainly looks a lot like clary and casting someone who has read and loved the books would be a good move for the new show

Mason Dye(20) as Jace Wayland:

He definitely looks the part but whether or not he could pull off Jace's personality is uncertain. With his recent roles in Flowers in the attic and Teen wolf, the 20 year-old actor is still looking for his "Breakout" role, playing Jace, a very popular character among the fans could be great move for his career.

Atticus Mitchell(23) as Simon Lewis:

Although Robert Shehan was great as simon i think Atticus is a good choice to replace him.With previous experience with children of the night in My babysitter's a vampire, and his comedic presence in everything he's in, i think he'd be perfect for the role.

Zoey Deutch(20) as Isabelle Lightwood:

From her role in Vampire Academy its obvious she can pull off action sequences in supernatural environment. Plus, she looks like isabelle and i believe she could pull of her snarky personality

Joshua Anthony Brand (20) as Alec Lightwood:

Fan favorite to play Will Herondale (A character created to look like alec lightwood) this casting is purely based on looks and it is yet to be seen if he can act in a tv show.

Alexander Skarsgard as Valentine Morgenstern:

Most people will recognize him from the popular TV show True Blood, there is no doubt he could bring this character to life on screen.

Godfrey Gao as Magnus Bane (Again):

His protrayal of magnus is spot on in the movie, i wish he had gotten more screen time


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