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Now, the imminently arriving Avengers: Age of Ultron may well be taking up most of our 2015-Superhero-Movie-Anticipation-Quotient at the moment - which, since it features the ever-lovin' Avengers, isn't too surprising - but that doesn't mean the rest of 2015 isn't filled almost to bursting with superhero-related excitement.

One of the most intriguing of those soon-to-arrive cinematic superhero excursions? Fantastic Four. Now, sure, the film has struggled to find a whole lot of fan support, and a lot of early buzz has been pretty unfailingly negative - but that's sort of par for the course with any non-Marvel Studios superhero movies at the moment. Come the movie's release on August 7, though, we might just be in for a seriously pleasant surprise - as this newly released (Japanese) trailer for the movie suggests:

Now, in fairness, we've seen a whole lot of that footage before in the US trailer - but there's one key moment that looks to be brand spanking new.

Alongside (previously seen) glimpses of:

The Thing Emerging

With his traditional grace and poise...

The Invisible Woman Flexing Her Abilities

In catastrophically destructive fashion...

And, of course:

She and The Human Torch Testing Out Their Powers

With helpfully distinct visual styles...

We Also Got a Look at Something Pretty Huge...

Yup, that's right...

The Invisible Woman Can Definitely Fly in Fantastic Four

Which, depending on which era of Fantastic Four comics you grew up with, either makes a whole lot of sense, or might just completely jar with your understanding of the character's powers.

Either way, though - that looks pretty darned cool, no?

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