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With the arrival of Marvel and Netflix's Daredevil now only a few days away (honestly, at this point Friday cannot come soon enough) it's not too surprising that there's a distinct air of excitement surrounding the show's imminent arrival. After all, with Avengers: Age of Ultron not due to hit our screens for a fair few weeks yet, Daredevil is our best chance of keeping April sufficiently stocked with Marvel Cinematic Awesomeness.

The good news, then? Two new trailers for the show seem to not only reveal that the series is set to be way darker than we thought - and, thankfully, about as awesome - but that it might well be set to substantially change a beloved comic-book character's origin story...

Check It Out For Yourself:

Now, come Friday April 10, we'll get to see thirteen whole episodes of Daredevil - and if you weren't excited about that before, just look at it this way: In less than five minutes of trailers, we already got to see all of this...

Daredevil's Origin

With bonus blinding effects...

Some Bad-Ass Stick-Style Training

With bonus child-hitting...

Just How Gritty the Fighting'll Be

With bonus awesomeness...

Along With How Funny a Matt Murdock We'll See

The answer? Surprisingly...


What Seems to Be an Alternative Karen Page Origin

In the comics, remember, most of the horrifying and dark stuff that happened to Karen waited until after she became Murdock and Nelson's secretary. In the series, it looks as though she's going to have a hard time before they even meet her...

Not That That'll Stop the Funny

Introducing Murdock and Nelson, New York's finest comedy lawyering team...


Daredevil's Getting Sexy

Not that he can see one shade of grey, let alone 50...

We Get a Look at Just How Dastardly the Kingpin Is Going to Be

Answer: Very.

As Well as at How Violent the Series is Going to Get

Answer: Extremely.

And, of course:

A Glimpse of The Night Nurse as a Potential Love Interest Daredevil?

Meanwhile, it looks as though:

Karen Is Going to Get in on the Mystery

Which would definitely be a sensible step up from her early comic-book appearances as 'cute but dopey love interest.'

All the while:

New York Gets Chaotic

As, from the looks of things, does the camera-work...

And, finally:

We Get a Glimpse of a Possible Ending

In which we might just see Daredevil get a whole lot more vigilante-ish than any other MCU hero we've seen thus far...

The big question now, though?

What do you think?



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