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Adam Olinger

My buddy and I attended Furious 7 with tepid expectations and left surprisingly entertained. The 7th installment provides more laughs, over-the-top action and a good amount of heart than it's previous installments. It's also a solid sendoff to Paul Walker, a man who left this Earth far too young. It proves that even after so many films there is plenty more crazy things this franchise is capable of doing.

The cast is all still having a lot of fun with Jason Statham providing a solid villain.
Paul Walker was in quite a bit more of the film than I assumed he would be and although you can spot a few of the scenes that his brothers stand-in, it doesn't take away from the tone they are trying to achieve. Family is the theme as always but genuine heart also rides along; especially in the closing minutes of the picture.

If you love fast cars, hot women, insane stunts and unrealistic situations Furious 7 once more delivers on all fronts. More importantly, if you are a fan of the Fast & Furious franchise so far you won't be disappointed with this newest chapter.

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