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Now, there are some comic-book arguments that'll run forever - with whether Marvel or DC are better most likely the greatest of them all, and who'd win in a fight between Batman and Superman a pretty plausible second place finisher. Others, though, seem to take up a whole lot less of the collective time of comic-book fans - like, for instance, who would win in a fight between the aforementioned Batman and Guardians of the Galaxy's irrespressible Star-Lord.

Unless, of course, you're at WonderCon, and you're Sam Humphries, writer of the Legendary Star-lord comic, and, apparently, a closet troll.

His comment to the audience during Marvel’s Next Big Thing Q&A panel? He'd love to see Marvel and DC have another crossover..."because Star-Lord would kick Batman's ass."

And then presumably give him the finger...
And then presumably give him the finger...

Now, I love Star-Lord as much as the next borderline-obsessive Marvel fan, but Humphries seems to be forgetting the golden rule of comics:

Batman Always Wins.

That being said - Star-Lord is pretty darned awesome - and lucky - so it seemed to me that the only way to solve this particular puzzle is to put it out there, and have you all solve it for me...

So, here's the question:

In a straight fight between Batman...

...and Star-Lord...

...Who Would Win?


Batman...or Star-Lord?

Now, the thing is, I suspect that the response to that particular poll might just be a little one-sided - which is why we might just need to make things a little more interesting...


Who'd Win Between Batman...and The Avengers?

First up?

Batman Vs...Hawkeye


Batman vs Hawkguy - Who'd win?

Too easy? How about...

Batman Vs...Captain America


Batman vs Cap - Who'd win?

Alright then, how about...

Batman Vs...Black Widow


Bruce vs Natasha - Who'd win?

It gets even trickier from here on out, though:

Batman Vs...Thor


Batman vs The Norse God of Thunder - Who'd Win?

Next up?

Batman Vs...The Hulk


Batman vs The Green Rage Monster - Who'd win?

And, finally, of course:

Batman Vs...Iron Man


Bruce Wayne vs Tony Stark - Who'd win?

And the final question?

What's next?

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