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Peanut butter and jelly, Hall and Oates, Disney and Tumblr. Three examples of things that were just destined to be together. Today, let's focus on the latter. Since Disney is undoubtedly one of the biggest and most influential movie studios in history, it's no surprise that the Internet at large, and in this case Tumblr, loves coming together to discuss their shared love of all things Disney.

The following Tumblr users found clever, hilarious, and sometimes heartfelt meaning in the animated movies that we all know and love:

1. When they noticed that Disney animators were exceedingly thorough

Hats off to whichever clever animators remembered to add Rapunzel's reflection into Flynn's eye and to the eagle-eyed Tumblr user who noticed it!

2. When Dr. Jumba Jookiba's best experiment was realized

So, what you're saying is that Reuben is just your average college student. In my opinion Jumba could have just stopped at experiment 625. Sandwiches for everyone!

3. When the O.G. American Disney Princess got a shoutout

Sorry, Tiana, but Pocahontas had that title about 305 years before you came on the Disney scene.

4. When Belle didn't mess around when it came to teaching

No time to waste, Beast! Aren't you a prince? Shouldn't you be able to read already?

5. When your animated sexual awakening was totally normal

I'm just glad to know I'm not the only one who found Kovu oddly attractive. How does Disney make me feel these feelings?

6. When they properly identified one of the best looking animated snacks in history

I'm guessing most people reading this took a Ritz cracker and ate it like Roquefor at least once in their lifetime.

7. When they highlighted this important conversation between monsters

See? Even monsters have petty arguments with their parents and are subsequently sent to their rooms!

8. When they combined two Disney worlds

What happens when Disney fans mix Aladdin with The Lion King? Awesomeness ensues.

9. When they shed light on the fact that David is the absolute best Disney S.O.

Yes! David is the ultimate Disney non-Prince. He deserves far more credit than he receives for his dedication to Nani and Lilo. He's the ultimate nice guy and expects nothing in return other than Nani's friendship. ♥ David.

10. When they noticed that Frozen wasn't that original

Don't get me wrong, I love Frozen, but everything that makes it great already existed in the Disney universe, just in separate films!

11. When Mike Wazoski's running gag became a thing in real life

Mike, I feel for you on a deep, personal level.

Which is your favorite Disney Tumblr post? Let me know in the comments section!

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