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We were first introduced to the creepy world of owls in The Fourth Kind, in which the sight of these nocturnal birds of prey signifies the beginning of an alien abduction. Imagine silently tiptoeing into some notable abandoned buildings, flashlight and camera in hand, only to experience the horror that is OWL MAN!

Hedwig? Is that you?
Hedwig? Is that you?

33-year-old Scottish filmmaker Lawrie Brewster has set up hidden cameras all throughout legendary abandon buildings in the U.K., preying on innocent explorers as he dons his Owl Man costume. Brewster has always been a fan of the horror genre, enjoying scary films such as The Devil Rides Out and The Wicker Man as a kid.

Check out the unsuspecting victims' reactions in the video below.

Brewster and his team are precise with their set up, as they spend several weeks reviewing how people wander around before securing their hidden cameras in a specific haunted house. St. Mary's Children's Hospital is a prime example.

Brewster stakes out in the shadows behind a brick wall, awaiting unsuspecting prey to wander from room to room...

He then silently walks into the room, his twisted talons outstretched towards the hunted.

Let's just say the poor man does not take it very well. And then, just as quickly as he has appeared, the Owl Man is gone.

Although I'd like to say I am pretty courageous, I know for a fact I'd run away as fast as possible and scream like a little baby the minute I saw the Owl Man lurking down the halls, his gnarled hands outstretched towards my neck.


Are you brave enough to explore haunted houses?


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