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For those of us who are extremely excited for the newest installment of the Jurassic Park franchise, we couldn't help but grin from ear to eat when we saw the tweet from the sneaky scientists that are bringing us Jurassic World. Yesterday around 11am, fans were sent scrambling for their QR Scanners when the below image was released through twitter with a cryptic message of "Something's hatching on Isla Nublar. "

Scan the QR for an Easter Surprise...
Scan the QR for an Easter Surprise...

If you were like me, you tried scanning all the QR code, and found that the center one took you to a brilliant Easter treat. The QR code brought me here, and I was elated to see the image tease below.

Ian Malcolm eggs are my favorite eggs of all...
Ian Malcolm eggs are my favorite eggs of all...

With this image, the rumor wheel was spinning fast with questions about a possible cameo from Jeff Goldblum reprising his role as our favorite narcissistic Chaotician, Dr. Ian Malcolm.

Before I continue, I have one things to say:

I was waiting for this sort of teaser!!!
I was waiting for this sort of teaser!!!

I've wondered for a long time if Ian Malcolm would make a comeback in this newest iteration of the Jurassic Park. Especially after it's been confirmed that Jeff Goldblum is returning to play his character, David Levinson in Independence Day 2, so it would make some sense that he may be putting some life back into his other characters, albeit most likely at this point a very minor role. I think he will have a part to play in Jurassic World.

My Plausible Fan Theory

Let's look at my grounds for why he could make an appearance, a minor one at least. To do that we need to go back into the first films and take note of where Malcolm turns up.

He is introduced as a rock star in the world of Chaos Mathematics. He begins his introduction as a sort of 'irony-filled commentator - explaining what happens through the film as it's happening. He makes several predictions throughout the film based on his Chaos Theory about the consequences of what the inGen team is trying to accomplish. Ultimately his predictions about controlling nature turns out to be correct and all hell breaks loose, and the consequences are apparent.

If there is one thing the history of evolution has taught is it's that life will not be contained... Life breaks free, it expands to new territories and crashes through barriers, painfully, maybe even dangerously, but, uh... well, there it is.

I think that's a great sentiment throughout the series, life wasn't contained and it was allowed to flourish throughout the movies, and Chaos Theory is proven fairly accurate as the dinosaurs take over the park and cause havoc.

The image of the book above shows its title as, "God Creates Dinosaurs" - This is a strong allusion to one of Ian's more memorable quotes while touring Isla Nublar in this film.

God creates dinosaurs. God destroys dinosaurs. God creates man. Man destroys God. Man creates dinosaurs.

His whole premise is that we [humans] tried to become God through creating Dinosaurs, and discovered our ineptness and ultimately it brought the death and destruction. That is in essence Chaos Theory - a small change in the initial circumstance will drastically change the outcome. Throughout the movie Ian continues to talk of the dangers of attempting to control the dinosaurs like they were.

Following up after the first film, we meet up with Ian Malcolm again as he has been publicly ridiculed and made out to be a raving lunatic by inGen after he attempted to tell the world of what had happened in the island. All of this left him scarred and jaded towards the whole ordeal, yet we find him being roped into another scheme to visit "Site B" where apparently inGen had been breeding the dinosaurs before transporting them to Isla Nublar.

He travels to the second island to rescue his girlfriend at the time, and once again finds out how real his Chaos Theory can be when they are stranded on the island , only this time there are no barriers between them and the dinosaurs. They escape the island but only arrive back on the main land to discover that inGen has brought a Tyrannosaurus Rex to San Diego and it crashes through the quiet night as the continuation of his quote earlier suggests would happen. Painfully and dangerously life broke through, and it caused havoc that no person could truly contain.

Throughout this movie, once he learns of inGen attempting to create a theme park in San Diego with the dinosaurs he explicitly warns everyone of the inherit dangers of controlling life again.

This is how I see Ian's character being introduced and having an protagonistic role in the movie. --- After the events of Site B and San Diego, he is partially vindicated, yet I believe that throughout the 22 years he has been a stubborn opponent against the building of Jurassic World. Yet, inGen continued its push to create living dinosaurs now with the financial backing on Masrani Global. The island fully functional for 10 years is tasked with creating a new attraction to re-spark visitor rates, but it backfires and Chaos Theory is ultimately revisited.

I think that the image of the book is an allusion to Chris Pratt's character, Owen Grady, who is an on-staff member for Jurassic World who is conduction behavioral research on the Velociraptors.

It's Owen's book and his desk in the image!

It makes sense that he would be reading Ian's book, as I believe that the book is Ian's story about his experience on the island. During the Lost World & Jurassic Park 3 it's mentioned that Ian attempted to write books about the islands and how it was impossible to predict what could/would happen because of Chaos Theory.

I imagine that Owen Grady would be reading that book trying to absorb as much experience and understanding into how chaos theory works in terms of his behavioral studies with the dinosaurs.

--- --- --- --- ---


I was cruising around on the Jurassic World website and came across what could be another cleverly laced hints towards Ian Malcolm's thoughts about Jurassic Park.

Life will find a way... Sound familiar?
Life will find a way... Sound familiar?

In the "Creation Lab" section there is this image towards the bottom, and if the first line isn't an homage to what Ian said all throughout the movie, I obviously am just reading too much into it, because Ian's phrase was that "Life will find a way" - Dr. Grant even reiterated this statement in Jurassic Park III when they found the eggs.

All of this leads me to think that there could be some actual validity to Ian's involvement in the movie in some way.

--- --- --- --- ---

There we go. That's my current theory. Now do I truly believe that he will be a main protagonist in the movie? --- no, but do I think there may be some footage of him at the beginning or end of the movie predicting the chaos of the park? --- yes, I think there's a good chance of that or something along those lines introducing him as a possible protagonist for future ventures into the Jurassic World if there is another follow up movie. What ever the case, this is going to be me for the next 2 months while I wait for the release.

I'm a #fangirl for Jurassic World
#fangirl for Jurassic World" title="I'm a for Jurassic World">
I'm a for Jurassic World

I can't wait to see how the park is re-envisioned, and I'm excited to see the movie as long as it doesn't wind up like this...

Anything but this...
Anything but this...


What do you think?


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