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[Furious 7](movie:264263) obviously crushed it in the box office. Paul Walker's final performance was epic, Vin Diesel's muscles were epic, The Rock was epic, the list goes on... part of what makes these Furious movies so good is the fact that there seems to be some kind of formula that they stick to.

See, with Furious you know what to expect. They just make alterations and up the ante a little bit. Fast cars, nearly-naked girls, buff dudes, and ridiculous action sequences are pretty much automatic with these movies. They don't try to get overly deep because there really is no need. Although, to be fair, the Paul Walker tribute was deep and I thought it was very well done.

Here are five times that Furious 7 mentioned the earlier films in some way, provoking some nostalgia and making us smile and remember, again, why we fell in love with this franchise.

1. An unreal Hector appearance

Hector is back. He's still racing. He refuses to stop grinding. He gets punched by Michelle Rodriguez when she freaks out after winning at the Race Wars. I'm so glad that they brought him back, mostly because he hasn't been in the franchise since 2001. Glad to see he's still on the scene.

2. Elena's back and looking for a job

Elena needs a letter of recommendation. She needs that letter of recommendation to come from The Rock. When a dude that huge gives you a letter of recommendation, you for sure will get that job. Nobody wants to deny The Rock. It simply isn't good for your health to say "no" to that man. She appeared in Fast Five and Fast and Furious 6.

3. In arguably the most ridiculous scene of the whole movie, Dom plays a game of chicken and nobody bails

So, there are actually two games of chicken, one of which involves a head-on collision between Vin Diesel and Jason Statham. Not only do both men survive what seems like an obviously fatal crash, but they also get out and continue fighting. The number of brutal things that happen in this movie to people and subsequently get shaken off is too high to count. But that's why I love it, to be honest. Of course, this was a shoutout to the second movie, where Paul Walker played a game of chicken and luckily was able to avoid an accident at the last second.

4. Corona gets another shoutout as the beer of choice for the crew

I thought the running beer joke was pretty hilarious. Probably better than any commercial could ever advertise, the movie is effectively going to boost Corona sales tremendously. To be fair, Corona IS really good. The crew, especially Dom, prefers Corona to craft beer - and you should too, I guess.

5. Dom's reliable Dodge Charger is back

Dom's "American Muscle" is his most trustworthy ride. He's driven a lot of cars, so that really means something. In a similar vein to the Corona shoutout, Dodge Chargers are probably going to sell like crazy now, too. Although, if you wanted to replicate that vintage ride, it would be pretty costly. I'm sure it's pretty much as souped up as possible.

Man, I love this franchise. I simply can't get enough. I mean, where else can you get this?

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