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WonderCon has got us feeling so...wonderful. I can't wrap my head around the creative spins and twists people have put on the various typical characters normally found in cosplay.

1. Homeless Waldo

Where's Waldo? I heard he lost his job as a professional hider.

2. Mermaid Woman and Barnacle Girl

Mermaid Woman and Barnacle Girl making quite the splash at WonderCon.

3. Princess SuperWoman

A princess who is also a hero? She's got the best of both worlds.

4. Nerdy Hipster Disney Princesses

Both Ariel and Belle are so cool with their black framed glasses and book. Very smart, very sexy.

5. Supa Fly Storm Troopa

Check out that ice! This stormtrooper is looking gangsta, decked in all that red and gold. And forget Adidas...I want that Trooper swag.

6. Ariel and Erica

Who says only Eric gets to rock those sick boots and slick black hair? What a gorgeous couple.

7. All The Snow Whites

Snow White superhero, Snow White stormtrooper, and Snow White zombie! Oh my!

8. She Ain't Clowning Around

Why so serious? But seriously, this chick is killing it as a female Joker with some hints of steampunk.

9. Slave Ariel

I'm so jealous that Flounder gets to hang next to this sexy redhead. Princess Leia could take some notes.

10. Spiderwoman and Black Cat

When Spidey met Kitty. This is too adorable to handle.

11. Frozen Slave

Here is another astounding twist on the slave Princess Leia costume. The cold never bothered her anyway.

12. These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

Beard of Seuss! Thingette 1 and Thingette 2 are so cute in their tutus.

13. Stormtrooper Massive Mashup

Part mariachi man, part dreaded dude, all complete with a gleaming red beard. We're not entirely sure what is going on here, but that is some gorgeous embroidery.

More amazing cosplay can be found on the Tested WonderCon 2015 photo gallery here.

Now I'm itching to get home, bust out my sewing kit, and purchase some wigs. Slave Princess Dumbledore stormtrooper anyone?


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