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Teen Wolf Director and Co-Executive Producer Russell Mulcahy spent his break from Teen Wolf working on other stuff. As reports, Mulcahy’s work on two episodes of The Lizzie Borden Chronicles will air on Lifetime in the coming weeks.

While he’s directed hundreds of hours of entertainment in his career, Mulcahy’s best known for the first Highlander movie, his efforts on the Resident Evil franchise and bringing Teen Wolf to the small screen alongside writer Jeff Davis.

Since coming to Beacon Hills in 2010, Mulcahy has done little else. He directed 26 of Teen Wolf’s 60 episodes to date. This year he branched out and added his expert eye to a couple of new shows.

In September of 2014, Mulcahy traveled to Brooklyn, New York to help Teen Wolf writer/director Christian Taylor with the pilot and second episode of his new MTV show Eye Candy.

All episodes of Eye Candy are available through Amazon Instant Video.

Later in the year, he traveled to Halifax, Nova Scotia to film two episodes of the new Lifetime Television series The Lizzie Borden Chronicles. The show debuted Sunday. Mulcahy’s episodes, 3 and 4, will air in two weeks.

LBC tells the story of famed suspected murderer Lizzie Borden in the time after her acquittal on charges of killing her parents with an ax in 1892. It stars Christina Ricci as Borden and Cole Hauser as Pinkerton Detective Charlie Siringo. New episodes air each Sunday night at 10PM on Lifetime.

Mulcahy is back at work in Beacon Hills now filming Teen Wolf. Production on the show’s 5th Season began on February 9. You can see behind the scenes images and more at


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