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Ever wonder what it was like to act in the freezing snow? Or how difficult it would be to imagine the world behind you as you deliver your lines in front of a green screen?

Constable+Frozen has taken us behind the scenes of Frozen, where we can find Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, and the rest of the crew interacting with the cast.

Actress Anna

Anna, out of her costume and into her everyday wear, gives us a one-on-one interview on her experience acting in the film.

Green With Envy

This is where acting technique comes in handy. Using pure imagination, Elsa must pretend as if there is a defined background behind her.

The Body is an Actor's Instrument

Elsa really gets into character, both mentally and physically.

I'm Ready For My Close Up!

Anna and Kristoff hold as the camera men focus on their faces, preparing for a close up shot.


Kristoff and Anna shiver in the cold. But once the director calls action, their focus is on their lines.

Anna Is Anything But Blue

A stunt double painted in blue pretends to be a frozen Anna statue as Elsa tries to get her back to normal.

Party Time

Up close and personal as Anna and Elsa are done up for a party scene.

Check out how phenomenal the party scene ended up being in the film:

Stunts Galore

Kristoff is a professional when it comes to stunts, including riding this machine green screen-ed to later look like Sven, Kristoff's loyal pet reindeer.

What's My Motivation?

The director gives instructions to Elsa and Hans as they prepare to film the party scene.

Imagine if we could get our hands on the behind-the-scenes photos of Toy Story, Finding Nemo, or even Up. Perhaps we would get a glimpse of Buzz as the crew prepares him for a flying stunt, Nemo eating food at craft services with Dori, and Carl and Russell relaxing in their trailers before a long day of shooting.

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