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Cassity Glatt

For those of you who don't know, Vine is an app in which anybody places seven second videos-usually comedy for others to share, like, and comment on. This is a list of the "funniest people on vine" created by the amount of views or comments on said people. Let's begin.

Cameron Dallas

One of the more famous "viners", Cameron Dallas often teams up with other viners for his videos and was featured in the 2014 movie "expelled" alongside Marcus Johns.

Nash Grier

Known for his blue eyes and southern-ish accent, Nash is one of the biggest and most famous of the viners. Even featured in magazines, interviews, and alongside other people on vine.

Thomas Sanders

Best known for his impressions of Stewie Griffin of Family Guy, Thomas also does some singing vines as well as short comedy skits.

Jack and Jack

Known by the duo with the same name, Jack and Jack often do musical skits as well as comedy. They have released videos of their original music on youtube under the names of Wild Life and Like that.

Marcus Johns

Christian, funny, and charming. What is there not to love about Marcus Johns? Maybe the fact he should never EVER stop making vines! He has incredibly random and incredibly funny vines that never get old!


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