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Cassity Glatt

Fifty Shades of Grey is possibly the most anticipated movie of all time! The novel which was written by E.L. James starred Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan as the virtuous college student and S&M obsessed billionaire. When the movie finally hit the theaters on opening weekend, it was massive success! That being said, not all fans enjoyed the movie. Even James herself stated on how she was disappointed it was not like her book!

The film was one of three, although the sequel is said to be placed on hold due to production issues with the director and conflict issues with James. Many fans were disappointed that some scenes were taken and things were changed. It was said this was done to keep the rating under NC-17, which for the younger viewers (that were under 17) was something to rejoice about.

As for the cast, many were angry that Jamie Dornan would not fulfill Christian Grey's shoes as the "intense" man he was written to be. Others were elated that the Once Upon a Time and The Fall star was cast as the lead. As for Anastasia, the viewers found her "comedic gold" and "innocent" as her character was. Some thought she was even better than the Ana from the book!

But it all comes down to the finished product! The sex-filled movie totaled in twenty minutes of sex scenes that varied from S&M to sweet and passionate scenes. For anyone who knows the books or even the movie, they know there was a lot of nudity, this does not come as a shock for the nature of the film.

The movie comes out May 8th and production to the sequel: Fifty Shades Darker is said to begin in June, if they find a director and screenwriter. What did YOU think of the movie? If you haven't seen the movie, check out this clip of one of the infamous scenes from the franchise.


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