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Disclaimer: this article is not discrediting the performance of either actors; it is an article on the portrayal of Peter Parker/ Spider-Man and is mainly to do with the script, director etc...

Best Peter Parker

Ultimate Spider-Man's Peter Parker looking smug.
Ultimate Spider-Man's Peter Parker looking smug.

In my opinion, Maguire was a better Peter Parker due to his geekiness and lack of social skills. This made him more relatable to a lot of die-hard comic book fans (sorry guys) and pulling viewers in as he is seemingly "adorkable" There is a clear difference between Parker and Spider-Man in the Raimi trilogy but the lines are blurred in Webb's version. Garfield's Parker is harder to see as geeky and an outsider as a lot of the traits that would have made someone geeky back in the 2000s are now considered 'Hipster-cool', making Garfield seem less like a reject and more of a cool guy.

However, the story-telling of Garfield's Parker is more loyal to the comics, making it better in some ways. For example, Peter's curiosity for his parents' disappearance is a lot stronger in Webb's 'The Amazing Spider-Man' which is part of what makes up who Peter Parker is.

So overall, I believe that Raimi's Spider-Man series has the best portrayal of Peter Parker, making the score 1-0.

There are so many traits to the Spider-Man we all know and love so I've had to split it all into separate categories to decide who is the better Spider-Man...

Spider-Man's Comedy


Spider-Man is well known for witty one liners and comedic comments, that's the reason a lot of people would follow Spider-Man; it's a lot of comic-relief.

The comedy used in Raimi's trilogy is more cheesy than Spider-Man's usual sarcastic tone. These little remarks are still humorous but not loyal to the comics. There is a lot more comedy in Raimi's, however, so this may even it out slightly.

This scene captures the tone of humour used by Raimi along with the many Mr Ditkovich one-liners.

The humour used in Webb's 'The Amazing Spider-Man' 1 and 2 is more loyal to the comics in my opinion. Spider-Man mocks his enemies in sarcastic ways like pulling down Rhino's trousers (or 'pants') and putting on a fireman's hat to fight electro. It is clear that Webb was in two mind sets about how the tone of his films were going to be; 'The Amazing Spider-Man' was more serious than previous Spider-Man films and 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' had much more comedy. This is most probably due to the success of the 'Dark Knight' trilogy (Webb probably wanted to copy it's more serious tone) but then due to the success of 'The Avengers' he changed his mind and made it much lighter.

This is an excellent example of how Spider-Man's comedy was similar to the comics.

The Morals of Spider-Man

The motto that echoes through Peter's subconscious
The motto that echoes through Peter's subconscious

Maguire's Spider-Man stuck to the idea from the comics about Spider-Man's morals and how Spider-Man doesn't fight for himself, but for others. A clear example that this is the case is first when Spider-Man clearly uses all his energy to stop the train in 'Spider-Man 2' so much so that he passes out. Another great example is actually when he doesn't put peoples' best interests before himself... In 'Spider-Man 3', whilst wearing the symbiote suit, Peter Parker isn't himself and acts very selfishly. The fact that the audience begin to dislike Peter in this sequence and that there is an obvious difference between this new Peter and the real one highlights how giving and selfless Peter (or Spider-Man) really is.

Now, onto Garfield's Spider-Man. The morals of this Spider-Man are not quite as black and white as in Raimi's universe. Yes, Spider-Man helps people and gets rid of the criminals but it's not quite as heroic as the Spider-Man from 2002... In the majority of the first film, Peter is just looking for his Uncle's killer, not very heroic at all! He loses this search by the end of the first film and it's completely gone in the second but it still shows that Spider-Man was, at first, largely in it for himself.

What will our next Spider-Man be like?

Tom Holland has now been announced to be playing the role of Spider-Man and Jon Watts is set to be directing the film. I want them to stay completely loyal to the comics with some changes like maybe slightly different story arcs that lead to the same place and so on. I have absolute faith that Marvel will do Spider-Man justice and he will have the films he deserves what do you think?

I will most likely write my own article about what I want from Holland and Watts but alas, that will be another day...


Who was the better Spider-Man?


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