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Cassity Glatt

Angelic Productions is a writing platform on dedicated to various selections of writing. Although known for their fan fiction of Once Upon A Time-specifically Captain Swan stories, many originals are also present including "Acquiescent BD (a romance with a twist) , The Diary of a King's Mistress (a medieval story about sacrifice and love-and pirates) , and Teen survival guide (the girl guide to survive life).

Angelic Production has announced their plans for future stories as well as projects! Do you want to be a part of AngelicProductions? Check it out on wattpad:

Why should I Check it out?

If you love reading romance, thriller, or even fan fiction, you should check it out! Often romance stories, Angelic Productions also writes non-fiction about historical events such as Titanic, Pearl harbor, and even Donner Party! Fan fictions consist of Once Upon A Time, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Colifer. Originals are as said above.

To find out more, visit the wattpad page for all you need to know! AngelicProduction constantly updates every day if not twice a day! It also announced a launch for a youtube broadcast series which will give viewers reviews on books, television, advice, and random stuff!


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