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Arrow on the CW will eventually have to cross the path of Onomatopoeia in the near future. Called by IGN one of the "Coolest Villains of the 21st Century" it'll be like dropping the atom bomb on Oliver Queens world when he shows up. Onomatopoeia is as bad as bad comes my friends. He has a addiction to killing non-powered superheroes and Oliver Queen fits the bill.

Created by Kevin Smith & Phil hester, Onomatopoeia so far as wreaked havoc in DC Comics where he almost killed Connor Hawke, always gets the best of Oliver Queen unless Queen gets some help and can go toe to toe with Batman himself.

We need to see Onomatopoeia on the CW's Arrow and my choice to play him is...


Listen, before anyone gets tight about this, realize one thing. Onomatopoeia is badass in action, but he's a wacko in the head. He's a serial killer who targets non-powered, vigilantes and earned his name because he imitates noises around him, such as dripping taps, gunshots etc. It is said that his name comes from one of his victims after he shot and killed her. Onomatopoeia carries two semiautomatic handguns, a sniper rifle , an army knife, and is proficient on hand to hand close quarters combat. Onomatopoeia outfit consists of black gloves, pants, and shirt, with a long black trench coat and a full, black hood decorated by concentric white circles.

Wickedly mental and possibly worse than the Joker himself. This role is made for MATT SMITH! The years he spent playing DR. WHO makes him the perfect choice for me to play Onomatopoeia!

It isn't it the first time a DR. WHO alumni has played a baddie. David Tennant made a believer out of me when I saw Barty Crouch JR in the "Goblet of Fire".

and of course Matt Smith would be joining John Barrowman who already plays Malcolm Merlyn.

I think Matt Smith could be the best baddie of them all! With the right storyline, we can have a season to talk about. Onomatopoeia vs The Arrow. Matt Smith vs Stephen Amell. I love the possibilities! You heard it here first folks!


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