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Rosario Dawson is doing the happy dance over her new series DAREDEVIL with star Charlie Cox as she should be. The gritty new show from Marvel on Netflix is an edge of your seat series that will have you binge-watching the entire 13 hours in one sitting. We’re talking to Daredevil himself Charlie Cox and Rosario Dawson about the exciting new show which premieres April 10th on Netflix.

Charlie Cox's Matt Murdock isn't wearing the signature Daredevil outfit from the Marvel comics in the first few episodes of the Netflix show, and he's explaining the reason for the slow reveal of his character's costume.

Rosario Dawson tells us she's happy the Marvel show on Netflix is representing Latinos, and reflecting the reality that is that world.

For CineMovie's video interview with the DAREDEVIL stars, go to CineMovie.


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