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yes, I’m looking at the latest Disney film to be remade with a more down to earth approach, or as I looked at it game of thrones meets Downton abbey feat rob Brydon, I christened it so because the main character prince kit (he's supposed to be charming) was Robb stark in game of thrones and Cinderella is Rose from Downton abbey. I still maintain that it is pretty harsh on prince kit as the writer effective said to him, "you finally have a real main part but you are named after your more successful co-star from game of thrones".

Now as a teenage boy, you wouldn't expect this to be the kind of film I would watch out of choice and of course your right, if I had a choice of films to see I would have seen either SpongeBob square pants 2 or insurgent, but with Easter we took my little sister to see the film and after twenty minutes of her moaning about not having the popcorn she liked she settled down to watch it will the high hopes kids have. To me I was slightly done with Cinders for one year having seen two pantomimes of it this year and yes they were good and one of which was the local production in which they made me dress as bugs bunny (I helped out) to meet the children who had come to see the show, it had begun to feel very over used to me, of course then the film started.

The film started after the usual twenty minutes of trailers and a frozen short. It convinced my father that it was actually another trailer and took him long enough to realize that it was the real film. The primary reason for this was because in the film her name is not Cinderella which is when you think about it not a very realistic name and considering it was based around the Edwardian era which is my best guess. So they named her Ella which seems so obvious I don't know why nobody thought about it before.

The film does a good job at showing us how happy cinders or Ella was before her mother passed on (which isn't a spoiler as everyone knows the story of Cinderella). there is a great piece that displays this when her father returns home from work as he travels, and she dances with him around the courtyard, it warmed my heart just a little and shows just how close they were and how close the family was and really allows for it to tug at your heart strings when her mother does die before that she does give her advice that she uses up to the final moments of the film "be kind and have courage".

as time passes, we are introduced to the ugly step sister (which focus on the ugly heart side) and the wicked step mother but give her a reason why she is so mean which helps you understand the meanness.

On to one of my favourite scenes long after we meet the prince, we meet rob Brydon as a painter and he must have been on scene for no longer than four minutes but that is four minutes in which I laughed at loud, it was great to see the comic relief. The acting in that scene was pure amazing from him and overall the acting in the entire film was not cheap, it was very naturalistic and Cinderella made me forget she was in Downton abbey and so did the other characters, I believed it was real and that’s something that can be very difficult to find now.
Another character with little screen time was the town crier played by none other than niall dad from the Inbetweeners, and there a scene with him running around looking for the title of Cinderella, and it again made me laugh.
the story overall was refreshing even though I’ve seen it, three times this year, it was nice to see a new take that actually feels new.

although it was good, I wouldn't watch it again, I didn't feel a sense of urgency, it didn't surprise me much.

Except for a scene after the ball with the guards chasing Cinderella through the forest as the carriage slowly breaks apart and everything becomes normal. it was a fun two hours of escapism back into childhood and from the reaction around me the children who had come to see it loved it and I know for a fact my sister did, and surprisingly so did I, even though it may not have been aimed at people of my age group it had many actors I recognised and love to see in various different roles. I may never see it again but I will definitely show the film to my kids with fond memories. there it goes a happily ever after with the fairest in the land, with a mature story, yet still accessible for children as it leaves a lot open so parents will understand the deeper side of the film and children will enjoy the romantic story and the overarching sweetness of Cinderella in the film it just warms your heart even if it is as cold as wicked step mother's. Happily ever after to you all.


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