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We are one month away til Avengers: Age of Ultron hits theaters worldwide. The highly anticipated sequel to The Avengers will kick off the summer, and many are excited to see what happens next in Marvel's latest blockbuster. Even though we are close to the film's release, many cannot help but speculate factors about this superhero film, and what impact the movie will have in its genre. It is hard to say how Age of Ultron will turn out but there is no denying that this sequel has a chance to do something new. One of these new areas for the film is explore resides in the main antagonist: Ultron.

When it was announced that Marvel Studios would be bringing The Avengers to the silver screen, there were quite a few things that went through my head; and one of my thoughts was the film's villain. Among the villains that came to mind when I thinking about movie antagonist, Ultron was a definite contender for the 2012 film. I have always known this character to be a major enemy to the Avengers in the comics. So I thought there could be a possibility of Ultron making a film debut, but I also figured that it would be unlikely. Not only would film's have to feature Ultron's creator Henry Pym (aka Ant-Man), but bringing the character to life on the silver screen may not have been an effective business move as the general audience may not know the character at first glance. However in the summer of 2013, Ultron arriving on the big screen became a reality when Marvel Studios announced Avengers: Age of Ultron.

So now this mechanical menace is coming to the silver screen and is portrayed by none other then James Spader. Even though we are so close to this film's release, I cannot help but think of the impact that Ultron could play for not just the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but the whole superhero movie genre. It is still anyone's guess at how good Age of Ultron will be, but no matter the outcome I feel that Ultron was the perfect choice for this upcoming sequel.

Before we knew any better, everyone (including myself) believed that Thanos would be main antagonist for Avengers 2. With The Avengers' post credit scene buzzing through fans' head, it was hard not to think of anyone but the Mad Titan being the villain for the 2015 sequel. However, once Ultron became apparent, Thanos' involvement in Avengers 2 became an after thought (though seeing an appearance from the cosmic villain is still likely) . However just because Thanos is not the villain does not mean we are getting sloppy seconds with Ultron.

With Ultron being the main antagonist to the next Avengers film, it allows the movie to deal with a threat that hits the Avengers close to home. Instead of dealing with another alien force, Earth's Mightiest Heroes have to deal with an enemy that was not only constructed on Earth, but created by one of their own (Tony Stark). Age of Ultron will likely use general elements that could be compared to the film's predecessor, but the suggested factor should be able to help the blockbuster establish its own identity.

Then there is the matter of bringing Ultron to the silver screen. We know that James Spader is playing the character (which is a good choice), but more to the point: we know that Ultron will be a full cg character. We are so use to seeing characters being fully cgi in blockbusters like Age of Ultron, but rarely do we get to see one take center stage as a movie's main villains; particularly in superhero movies. Sure we have seen cgi bad guys in the superhero movies before, but Emil Blonsky was mainly human in The Incredible Hulk before transforming in Abomination; and Thanos' appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy was brief. Ultron may have an historic moment ahead of him by being one of the first supervillains to be primarily cg. By blending great effects with a great performance, Ultron's concept could lead to other supervillains coming to the silver screen in cgi. Then again, the impact of this villain also relies on the film's depiction of him and whether or not Ultron can hang with the likes of Loki.

There are many reasons why Ultron's involvement in the MCU is crucial; but of all them, none stands out to me more then the fact that this robotic nemesis is THE Avengers villain. The Avengers deal with many enemies in the comics, but none may be as prominent as Ultron. Having the Avengers not fighting Ultron is like having Batman not coming face to face with The Joker. So needless to say: Ultron's appearance in the MCU was not a matter of if, but when. Because Ultron plays such a vital role to the Avengers, this allows for the upcoming movie to not only have a potential impact on the MCU, but it could may well give Age of Ultron the right direction to make this film a memorable sequel

There is much riding on Avengers: Age of Ultron, and one of those factors is the movie's villain. Not only does this villain have to live up names such as Loki and The Joker, but he has to pave the way for a new concept in creating cinematic supervillains. Needless to say, there is much to be concerned about. Yet there is also much to be hopeful for. Just by watching footage for the film, I can tell that the filmmakers and James Spader are going above and beyond to make this character memorable. If Marvel Studios is successful with Age of Ultron and if the movie's bad guy is properly executed, then it can only mean great things for both the studio and the superhero genre. However, no matter the outcome of this sequel, I stand my statement that Ultron was the right villain for Avengers 2.

Avengers: Age of Ultron hits theaters domestically on May 1st.


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